Lunar Updates + Insomnia


So I updated my notebook a couple of days ago. Obviously, the most important update was the kernel bump to 2.6.30. Everything went smoothly. I will be doing another update today on this machine and a couple of my older desks, and it is gonna take a while to be completed, thanks to the the Firefox update to 3.0.11.

I am still in the lab helping my colleague who had been doing some important protein measurement experiments that is crucial for both of us to link our models together. Once we are done with this, we can seriously wind up with our work and focus on our thesis writeup. It was a 30 hour experiment and the last measurement is just around the corner.

Though I haven’t slept the whole night, I still don’t feel that tired, so I will try to keep up with the updates, some coding and will sleep probably tonight. I suffer from migraines, and if I hit the sack right now, I am screwed for the whole day.

EEE 1000H FreeBSD7.2

Here is another screenshot of my EEE 1000H. Of course it is powered by FreeBSD 7.2 Stable. Except for wireless, almost all the features that I need work. Hotkeys, and most importantly, the monitor switching works fine.

I have no use for the camera and bluetooth, so it’s something that I am not interested in. I still havent had the time to work on the wireless. Of course one could use ndisgen to build the ralink 2860 driver from the Windows driver, but so far there are some performance issues it seems from what I have read in many FreeBSD forums. But on the BSD front in general, its great that OpenBSD has support for this chip. Also since I am on a wired network in my office, its no big deal.

Anyway here is the current screenshot from my EEE. Colors are a little bit different, and the window manager is as usual EvilWM. Another major difference is, now I have a linear conky, instead of the sticker, with the same info. Thought it went well in transparent mode with this wallpaper. For people who are interested in this totally unobtrusive wallpapaer, just go back a few posts, and you can fin the link for the wallpaper.

By the way I am planning to move all my configs over to github over the weekend, since dotfiles has gone bust, atleast now. Now lets get to the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.


Sticker Conky

Since I use EvilWM predominantly, I recently thought of having a minimal conky setup with basic information about the machine, date and time.

I am generally not a fan of date only conky or the full blown conky that I see everwhere that fill up half the screen on some people’s desktops. They are hideous, but its just my point of view, and I am sure many will not agree. But that’s not so important. I love this conky setup, and I call it Sticker Conky, like a case sticker. If anyone needs this, let me know.

On a related note, dotfiles has been down since a few days, so may be I will move all my configs elsewhere. I will post a link for my new configs page once I am done right here of course. Anyway here is the conky.


A Different Setup

Was tied up with a lot of work over the last couple of weeks, hence a lack of updates. Anyway, I spruced up my color setup a bit, and thought of using some brown tones for sometime. The setup is sort of uniform on all my machines, and on both Fluxbox and EvilWM. So here is a screenshot from my Lunar Linux powered Lenovo Laptop. As usual, click on the thumbnail for full view.