Marathon Mod Showcase Contd.

Thought of adding another screen with Marathonmod in action. Window Manager is Fluxbox. OS is FreeBSD 9.0-Release of course. The fluxbox theme is a mod of Absurd theme. I am using the Xoria256 color palette on my terminal. The font has been released in my previous post and it points to my github from where it can be downloaded.

Marathon Mod in action

This wallpaper is one of my absolute favorites. It’s not from a bio weapons research lab or a deleted scene from The Shining (It is one helluva film!). It’s from Bell Labs, 1966. Everything works in this picture, the “WTF are you lookin at punk?” look, the glasses, the creepy hallway and much more. I will post the wallpaper and some related stuff tonight. The current network I am on is crapping all over the place.

If you are interested in the animation series in the screenshot, it is one of the funniest series ever, Harvey Birdman – Attorney at Law. The references to pop culture, politics and being extremely funny at the same time made this series stand out. Perfect animation with loads of adult humor. The guy you see here is Phil Sebben from Sebben & Sebben (Stephen Colbert was beyond awesome in this series man!).

Note: I would just like to say one thing about the font. It might be too tall or the character variations might be too much for some of you. I had the same feeling about the font when I started out. But it kinda grew on me.  This is particularly obvious with the semi-condensed version shown in the screenshots. The normal version isn’t that extreme. Besides, I had posted earlier that I am just releasing all the fonts that I have created over a period of time, regardless of their aesthetic appeal.

Omploader – SOPA

I see that omploader also went dark protesting SOPA. I have updated my github with the foobar-solarized fluxbox theme. Just click on the image to go to my github page. You can get the theme from there.

Foobar-Solarized Fluxbox Theme

 If there are any questions, please feel free to comment.


Solarized by Ethan Schoonover

From my screenshots here it would be clear that I like light on dark color schemes. Although I am aware of the solarized palette for quite some time now, I was a bit reluctant to use it. Not anymore. I gave the Solarized-Light version a try, and consider me sold. This one works perfectly with a good ttf font, ideal size and hinting. This is also the first time that I am using a ttf font (Envy Code R in this case, size 8). Another plus in favor of solarized is that there are a lot of editor specific themes already available that makes the computing experience uniform across the spectrum.

So, I just hacked a quick fluxbox companion theme to go with solarized light colors. This theme is a mod of tenr’s foobar theme. I call it foobar-solarized. I also found a perfect wallpaper from wallbase.  Being a fan of comic books and Justice League, this is the perfect wallpaper. I just modified the color a bit and threw the FreeBSD logo on it. You can download both the wallpapers here as well.

Anyway, here is the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.

Solarized Desktop - Fluxbox

Here are the wallpapers.

Justice League Solarized

Justice League Solarized with FreeBSD Logo

You can download the Fluxbox theme from omploader. Note: Direct Download

Foobar-Solarized Fluxbox theme 

Bridge – Fluxbox theme

I am posting the fluxbox theme on display in the previous post right here. I named it Bridge, for obvious reasons. I have also included the Standard Caps font in the archive. Just move the font to your local font folder and update your font cache. If you don’t like the font, edit the font definition in the config file, theme.cfg to use your own font. If you use an overlay file globally, then simply comment out the font entry. Click on the image to download the archive from omploader.

Bridge Fluxbox Theme

Fluxbox Again

Nothing special, just thought of posting another screenshot of my FreeBSD box. Still on Fluxbox and the theme is Color Me Bad. I created this theme a sometime back and you can find the theme on box-look as usual. On display  – some random code snippets, ncmpcpp (I am a fan of older material of Jazztronik, but Grand Blue is pretty good) and  some ascii art. If any other information is needed, please drop a note using the commenting feature. As usual, click on the image for full view.

Since Blair requested the wallpaper from my previous post, I am posting it as well.

As far as the wallpaper in this post is concerned, it is nothing more than a carbon tile that I got from Subtle Patterns. If you are a fan of minimal wallpapers, you should definitely visit Subtle Patterns. I am sure you will be impressed.

Return to the roots – Fluxbox

It’s 4.30 AM right here and I am still up. My colleague started a fermentation this morning and I decided to spend the night at work to give her company. While she is mostly in the lab, I am sitting in my office and testing some new code. Thought of posting a screenshot before I try to catch a couple of hours of sleep. Anyway, lets get to the screen. It must be clear for regular visitors of this blog that I am a big fan of Fluxbox when it comes to *box environment.

The theme is a slightly modified version of Mire theme by lyrae aka thrynk. I miss her themes. She was and will always be one of my favorite customizers. The colors follow a technicolor template and the rest of the details with respect to fonts and such are similar to my earlier post about XMonad and CTWM.


If there are any questions, please feel free.

More Fluxbox

First off, sorry for having disappeared suddenly. Tied up with a lot of work as usual. Anyway I am posting a couple of screenshots of my Fluxbox desk, with a couple of different themes. One was inspired by Daft punk, and the other was, well simply to integrate well with the certain gtk theme.  Both the themes don’t warrant a release per se, since they are just minor mods of existing themes. But If anyone is still interested, let me know with your comments. I will post the links right here.

Screen One – Inspired by Daft Punk and j3concepts. Click for full view.


Screen Two – To integrate with Phrink gtk. Click for full view.


Semblance Fluxbox Theme Released

As I have had some requests to release my thayer inspired fluxbox theme, I have done so. The theme is called Semblance and is available at box-look for download.  The wallpaper is also linked on box-look. Feel free to give it a test run. Click on the image to go to box-look.


Shifting Gears – Fluxbox

I made a quick fluxbox theme last night to go with thayer’s colors. Since I seldom use gui apps, except for firefox, my theming ideas are always inspired by the terminal colors. And since I am very much used to fluxbox, throwing a theme together quickly is not so difficult. I haven’t released this theme yet, and I haven’t even named it. But if there are some requests, I will certainly make this theme available. But please note, this theme is meant to be based on the Xdefaults, and not on the gtk theme for instance. Here is a screenshot of the theme in action on my Lunar Linux powered office desk. Feel free to post your critique. Click on the image for full view.


A Different Setup

Was tied up with a lot of work over the last couple of weeks, hence a lack of updates. Anyway, I spruced up my color setup a bit, and thought of using some brown tones for sometime. The setup is sort of uniform on all my machines, and on both Fluxbox and EvilWM. So here is a screenshot from my Lunar Linux powered Lenovo Laptop. As usual, click on the thumbnail for full view.