Lunar Updates + Insomnia


So I updated my notebook a couple of days ago. Obviously, the most important update was the kernel bump to 2.6.30. Everything went smoothly. I will be doing another update today on this machine and a couple of my older desks, and it is gonna take a while to be completed, thanks to the the Firefox update to 3.0.11.

I am still in the lab helping my colleague who had been doing some important protein measurement experiments that is crucial for both of us to link our models together. Once we are done with this, we can seriously wind up with our work and focus on our thesis writeup. It was a 30 hour experiment and the last measurement is just around the corner.

Though I haven’t slept the whole night, I still don’t feel that tired, so I will try to keep up with the updates, some coding and will sleep probably tonight. I suffer from migraines, and if I hit the sack right now, I am screwed for the whole day.

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