UFO Physical Evidence Cases

Jacques Vallee

The Incomparable Jacques Vallee

Most often we hear the pseudo skeptics blabber that there is no definitive evidence to support the UFO phenomenon and so on. But it is ridiculous, given the fact that there are a few cases, where there are physical evidences like landing marks, radio activity etc. Jacques Vallee had profiled such cases sometime back and has also published a scientific paper on the subject. I will upload the paper tonite when i get home. I felt like talking about it because I was somewhat disappointed by Shermer’s view that eyewitness testimonies are plain wrong and they can’t be trusted, even if they are highly trained pilots. This is plain BS! True, some eye witness testimonies might have been related to a sighting truly mundane, but certainly not all of them can be counted out, especially if there is concurring physical evidence. Thats why Vallee’s paper is interesting.

But how often do we hear about such cases with physical evidence. Mostly never. Why? It’s because the pseudo UFO researchers are busy pushing cases like Roswell, exotic crash stories and focusing too much on the ET hypothesis. And the whole abduction phenomenon is another aspect that deals a severe blow to subjective study of UFOs. Anyway I will post more thoughts on this aspect from home tonite when i upload Vallee’s scientific paper

Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Incident Report

I guess most of you folks know about this case. On November 7th, 2006, Federal authorities at O’Hare Airport received a report that approximately a dozen witnesses were observing a small, round disc-shaped object, metallic in appearance, which hovered over Gate C17 at that airport. The report was tabled at approximately 16.30 hrs. This case was heavily reported in the media. Major networks and cable news spent a considerable amount of time on this incident! Of course, they did so with their own spin in place! Remember the Pro UFO vs. Con UFO debate type crap! And forget the late night radio circuit, except for Rush Limbaugh (who was busy indulging in character assassinations), a great deal of radio programs spent a lot of air time on this case! Suddenly Peter Davenport was everywhere!But the aftermath was not so good. How do you objectively investigate a case like this when there is too much publicity. And on top of that, suddenly the so called ufo researchers were speaking everywhere as to how the govt. had covered up this and you know the rest as to how this routine will end! This was terrible.


In spite of such odds, the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) did an excellent investigation of the incident and released the report yesterday! The moment you skim through the report, you will realize this is how ufo sightings should be investigated, thorough, well documented, other possible scenarios considered etc. Another reason as to why Richard Haines is one of the very few credibly people in UFO research today! I am goin thro the report rite now and it has a lot of technical details. Will post my thoughts a lil bit later!I am linking the report directly here. It is a pdf link!

NARCAP Report on Chicago O’Hare UFO Incident

Note: pdf document!

Paracast Alert – UFO Round Table

Today we have a special UFO Round Table, where the guests will be talking about the state of UFO research rite now! Am expecting a lotta fireworks. The guests include Nick Redfern, Mac Tonnies, and Jeff Ritzmann. As usual i will link the live mp3 rite here tomorrow!

Trumbull County Recordings Part 5

Here comes the Final Part. You will hear the dispatcher and one of the cops comforting each other by saying that probably what they had experienced that night might have been something more mundane and a down to earth sighting, but they seem clearly shocked. I will post my take on the whole episode in the next few days. I would be happy if people who found my postings helpful can post a comment or two, so that I can bring more exclusive stuff!


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Trumbull County Recordings Part 4

Part 4 of the tape focuses on the pursuit of the UFO by a police vehicle, and is also more than 20 minutes long. There’s a lotta static in this piece, so be prepared. Nevertheless, priceless evidence for hardcore UFO buff!


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Trumbull County Recordings Part 3

Aite, here comes Part 3. Before that I am guessing you might have heard Part 2. What bothered me was the fact that the dude at the FAA tower never showed any curiosity whatsoever. The dispatcher tried her level best to try to get the guy give some info about the incident but it never worked out!

Just a lil bit of info about the recording process in general at the 911 center. They have a multi track recorder, which means different frequencies and phone lines go to different channels on the tape. What you are gonna hear in Part 3 was derived from a certain channel that did not go over a scanner frequency but was nevertheless recorded on the tape.


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Trumbull County Recordings Part 2

This is Part 2 of the recordings. We get to hear more details about the sightings, from different eye witnesses including some police officers. A police dispatch unit is en route to Samson Drive when the cops encounter an elderly gentleman who says that the object is right above his house ( This info is not so clear in Part 1 of the tape, but Kenny provided this information). This surely alerts the cops, who finally really realize that it is something serious and they get back to dispatch and the dispatcher gets in touch with the FAA tower at Youngstown airport. There are a lot more interesting info from Part 2. Happy listening!


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