Jazztronik Studio Live Best – 19.12.2012 Release

Jazztronik - Studio Live Best Cover

Jazztronik – Studio Live Best Cover

I mentioned about Jazztronik’s newest offering coming out tomorrow. I just wanted to let you guys know that the entire album is available for listening over at soundcloud (Just today!). I mean the entire hour and fifteen minutes. If you are a Jazztronik fan, you would immediately notice that most of the tracks are well known hits. But, the live studio environment gives an absolutely fabulous feel to the tracks. Head over to soundcloud pronto and listen to the tracks. Just follow the link below for listening:

Jazztronik – Studio Live Best – Listen at Soundcloud

Release party was held at AIR in Tokyo Shibuya, Japan last Friday. It featured a host of guest vocals from Mika Arisaka, Sonomi Tameoka and Eliana.

Release Party featuring Jazztronik and Guest Vocals

Release Party featuring Jazztronik and Guest Vocals

Being a big fan of Jazztronik, it should be no surprise why I love this album as well. If you wanna have a Jazzy Christmas, then you should buy this great album tomorrow. In celebration of the album’s release tomorrow, here’s the timeless track Samurai played live at JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO on July 29th 2006.

Another picture from the release party. I saw this picture on Mika Arisaka’s Twitter photo stream.

Studio Live Best Release Party - As seen on Mika Arisaka's Twitter

Studio Live Best Release Party – As seen on Mika Arisaka’s Twitter

Flumpool – Experience



Flumpool + Jazztronik = Pure Awesomeness

Experience - Album by Flumpool

Experience – Album by Flumpool

Just wanted to interject and talk a bit about the newest album that I am currently listening to. It is called Experience by the Japanese pop-rock band Flumpool. I like some of their material. But, I was really excited about Experience due to the fact that it features a collaborative track with my absolute favorite, Jazztronik. The album came out on 12.12.12. It is excellent and especially the track with Jazztronik is da bomb! User asketch uploaded the teaser video featuring this track on youtube, which I have embedded here for your viewing pleasure.

Ryota Nozaki - Jazztronik

Ryota Nozaki – Jazztronik

Now, the video for the track, Red Dracul Scar Tissue X Jazztronik [Tissue] Teaser:

Can’t wait for Jazztronik’s new album, Jazztronik Studio Live Best! It’s coming out on 19th of December.

Coming up tomorrow, my final conclusion articles on Prometheus.

ケン・イシイ – Metropolitan-Harmonic-Formulas

Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas – Music For Daydreams

Sorry for having disappeared again. Before engaging myself in Prometheus, I wanted to talk a bit about music. Regular visitors of my blog know that I talk about my favorite musicians from time to time. I am a huge fan of Japanese Jazz and Electronic genre and I have talked about artists like Ken Ishii, Jazztronik, Nujabes and Kyoto Jazz Massive. When I was organizing my music collection recently, I realized that I should just put the word out about Ken Ishii’s album, Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas – Music for Daydreams that was released in February 2012. This album is one of a kind folks. It is probably one of the best albums that you would ever hear as far as crossover electronic music is concerned.

Ken Ishii

Jazztronik – Ryoto Nozaki

It features many of my favorite artists like, Jazztronik, Tokyo Black Star, Masaki Sakamoto and Emi Meyer. Ishii-san has always been a creative force and he has put together a wonderful combination. I love all the tracks. But, being a huge fan of Jazztronik’s early works, I have to say that my number one track in the album is After the Rainstorm remix featuring the soothing pianos of 野崎 良太 – Ryota Nozaki. Sadly, two more remixes of After the Rainstorm are not available in this album. You should get the Music for Daydreams EP for them. Honestly, if you are into this kind of music don’t think, just head to beatport or amazon and get both these albums. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

More Music

I am planning to post some tech related content tomorrow. But before I call it a night, thought of talking about some music. As usual, this one is also from the Japanese Lounge scene. When I am programming, I am always listening to music, mostly Jazz or Lounge from Japan. What is unique about lounge music originating from Japan is the role of the piano. Most of you would be aware of the importance of piano in Japanese culture. It is one of the most popular music instruments when it comes to learning. Piano compositions in Japan have been even given an academic treatment in a few cases. For instance, J. U. Garrett from Rice University wrote a thesis about Japanese piano compositions of the last hundred years. Apart from a fascinating read, it also provides a list of 3000 compositions ever since the first one appeared in 1900.  For those who are interested in this study, just follow the link below to download the thesis from Rice University Digital Scholarship Archive.

Japanese piano compositions of the last hundred years – J. U. Garrett

The track you are about to listen is called YAWNING CAT by the artist, Dr. Echo Logic. Soothing track to relax and simply chill. It’s part of the compilation, Tokyo Lounge – Dinner Time.

Tokyo Luxury Lounge - Dinner Time

Dr. Echo-Logic (Hirofumi Asamoto) is another one of my favorites. I love his PianoxDub album. You can get to his website to know more about him by clicking his picture.

Dr. Echo-Logic - Website

Now let’s come to the track. Have a listen and see if it is your kinda music. If yes, get the Tokyo Lounge album straightaway. It’s a great compilation album.


Till tomorrow folks.


Rant + Killer Music

Sorry about not having posted new stuff in a while folks. Tied up with a few things here and there. Currently on my way to Munich and have some time to update.

Today marks the first anniversary of me getting dumped by my ex in Starbucks. You tend to forget everything and move on but on a day like this, everything just keeps coming back, whether you like it or not! Anyway, this is gonna be the last time I am ever gonna mention about it, I promise.

Thankfully, I found some new music, thanks to my friend gutterslob (you may know him from crunchbang forums) that made me happy. He is an avid fan of the Japanese underground Jazz and lounge scene, just like I am. I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from him with a link to the album Kayabe from Bun/Fumitake Tamura.

Kayabe | Bun/Fumitake Tamura

If you are into this kind of music, Kayabe is a worthy addition. What’s even better is that the album is available absolutely free for download. Totally legal. Before posting the link, let me post a track from the album called, Searchin. Have a listen and see if it’s your kinda deal.


Follow the link for downloading the album. I will continue to post music from the Japanese scene.

Kayabe – Fumitake Tamura

More coming up later…..

Music: Impossible Dream – Zelonka

Marcus Zelonka

How about a music related post? It’s been a while since I posted some music. This track is called Impossible Dream and it is by Marcus Zelonka featuring Marga Sotirovska. This is the instrumental version. I like this one better than the vocal version. Perfect lounge track for a relaxing hacking experience.

Enjoy listening!


Incognito – Summers Ended

Gilles Peterson - Masterpiece

Let me wind up for the day with another music related post. This is another track from Gilles Peterson’s album, Masterpiece. The track is called, Summers Ended by Incognito. Funky tune and I love it. If you like this kinda music, you should totally check out Gilles Peterson. He is awesome. I bought this album just last week, and have been listening to it endlessly so far. Anyway lets get to the track.


Gilles Peterson – Masterpiece

How about another music post? I listen to Gilles Peterson a lot as well. He is primarily responsible for popularizing Kyoto Massive Jazz here in Europe. I am linking a track from his latest mix album, Masterpiece. It’s a mix of the classic, Does she have a friend (for me?) by “The Duke”, Gene Chandler. Enjoy listening.


Stand Up – This is your time

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Okino Shuya and Okino Yoshihiro

How about another music related post before I call it a night? Kyoto Jazz Massive is another group that I listen to very often and I like most of their material. If you are interested in some Nu Jazz, then KJM should appeal to you a lot. Here is a track for your listening pleasure. It’s called Stand Up and features vocals by Vanessa Freeman.


Hope some visitors find my blog interesting. I am dead tired now and am gonna crash in a few minutes. Till tomorrow then folks.

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