There’s a kid in all of us!

Some visitors to this blog might have noticed about my love for action figures! I love collecting SciFi action figures and Japanime stuff! I am posting a pic to give an idea about my collection! This is just a small part! Will post more pictures later! Sorry about the picture quality though! My camers is kinda screwed up! Will have to get a new one in a couple of months! But I think it will eb easy to see some of the toys, like Ghost in the Shell collections, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars, LEGO Bionicle, to name a few! click on the thumbnail for a better resolution!

Imperial Star Destroyer Has Arrived!

Initially I planned to buy the Imperial Destroyer Lego set sometime later, since it was too expensive! But then realized the price ain’t gonna fall any further, and so bought it today! Here’s a picture of the boxed Lego set! It cost me around 120 bucks! But it’s more than worth it! Now I know what I will be doin tomorrow 😀

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LEGO Universe!

I used to build LEGO models when i was young, just like most people! But completely stopped doin it when I turned 10! Interests changed, set my sights on other hobbies, and the models that I built when i was young changed hands and went to my little nephew! Fast forward to nearly 15 years later, I was walkin in Königstrasse yesterday, which is the biggest shopping zone in Stuttgart, Germany, and I passed by Galeria Kaufhof, where they had giant LEGO models on display! Construction sets, Kids stuff, and more. I don’t know something told me that I should check it out! Then I saw larger than life size Darth Vader and R2-D2. That was it, I got hooked again! Since Xmas is coming, and I live far far away from my hometown, I will be basically spending the day at my home here in Stuttgart, so I thought to myself, may be I should build some LEGO models again! To get a feel for the legendary brick again, I started out with the Bionicle Universe! I read the comics sometimes, and so I know a few things or so about the characters! So I bought three guys from the Mahri clan, Toa Nuparu, Toa Hewkii, and Toa Kongu and finished putting them together in half an hour so! I also bought a larger Lava Chamber set to keep myself occupied on this 25th! I am posting a picture of the models rite here! Also planning to buy the Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars a little bit later (it’s too f**kin expensive!)! Though the Lava Chamber ain’t that complex, compared to the Destroyer, it should still be a lot of fun!

Here is the display! The quality of the pic is kinda screwed up! Gotta get myself a better camera! Yes, am a huge Japanime fan too! Especially the SciFi stuff! Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop are my all time favorites! And I love Jägermeister 😀

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