More JC Madness!

Heard from a couple of people about the previous JC post! So thought of posting another one of JC before callin it a nite! This is actually a C2C promo featuring JC’s call with a guest! Works well with that background music! Have a listen!

Note: I don’t promote any of JC’s views about anything! I just find him ridiculously funny!


Today’s WTF entry is kinda different! It has to do with the famous JC, from C2C with Art Bell. C2C’s open lines attract a lot of lunatics sometimes, especially when a very credible guest is online, you always get the morons on the air who ask ridiculous questions. But occasionally it also provides great entertainment! JC is one such caller! He has managed to get on air frequently and he was also a guest once where he stayed for a lil over 15 minutes! The clip I am streaming here is by far the funniest JC clip I have ever heard! His take on sex and reproduction is fantastic! 😀 He rants about Christian this and that crap, and attacks Star Trek as being pornographic and Bill Shatner being a Canadian operative! He also faults Chris Carter of The X Files for filming in Canada! The sex comment comes a tad bit later in the audio! He says that sex is a punishment from the Lord and continues with something that made me laugh like hell! Listen carefully between 03.35 and 03.45.

Warning: Don’t drink anything while listening, you might have to clean your monitor later 

Imperial Forces take a Potty Break!


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This is my current wallpaper! Am a huge fan of Star Wars and I just couldn’t get more of it! The picture was taken at a convention I am sure, but don’t know which one, or which year! I have a complete Darth Vader costume myself, and also Lord Vader’s light saber. I should probably wear it this Halloween.

Speed Racer 2008

Speed Racer

First off, sorry about not having updated for sometime! Kinda busy again. Anyway got some time in my hands rite now, so thought of posting some interesting info about the upcoming movie Speed Racer! I was a huge fan of the cartoon when i was young, and obviously i was super excited when i heard that the Wachowski’s were making a film version. I am a huge fan of The Matrix and have a lot of respect for the Wachowski’s.

Anyway, a few days ago posted a long interview of Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon regarding their movie In the Valley of Elah. Susan was asked about the Wachowski’s and Speed Racer, since she is playing Speed Racer’s mom. She had some interesting info about the revolutionary camera that is being used for the movie and dished out some more info about the movie making in general. She also agreed with a reporter’s view that the movie might get a G rating! I just edited out In the Valley of Elah reference and am posting the Speed Racer part of the interview. Have a listen!