Vallee’s Interview at theparacast!

Another Vallee related post! But this one is by far the best! Gene and David, over at theparacast did the unthinkable and had Vallee as a guest last week! A two hour special with the great UFO researcher! In my opinion this is the best Vallee interview ever, period! When Vallee appeared twice at C2C, George Snoory screwed up the interviews asking him ridiculous, pointless questions! So we never really got to hear his ideas in complete! But Gene and David are two guys who are well versed in UFOlogy and don’t subscribe to a certain belief system except for the fact that there is an overwhelming reality to the phenomenon! And also they are extremely intelligent that makes this interview thoroughly enjoyable! Don’t believe me? Well then have a listen!

I am linking the file rite here, so that you can hear online rite here! I am also posting the direct link for the high quality mp3 file download over at theparacast! Heard from few regular listeners at theparacast about their difficulties in downloading the file from theparacast! So am uploading the mp3 file over at usaupload as well and posting the link here! So here goes!

Direct Download link at theparacast:

Vallee visits theparacast

Download Link at usaupload:

Vallee visits theparacast – usaupload

Vallee C2C Interview Feb 12th – Direct Download

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I have also uploaded the entire 4 hour show over at usaupload as usual. It is one zip file, and you will find 4 mp3 files, Hours1 thro 4 of course! Hope some of you visitors would find this useful!

Here’s the download link (File size is around 52mb)

Vallee and Bassett C2C Appearance Feb12th – Download Page

Jacques Vallee visits C2C Feb12th 2008

Dr. Jacques Valle

As most of you folks might have realized, the great Jacques Vallee was a guest at Coast to Coast AM with George Snoozy this Monday! It conicided with the republication of his classics like Confrontations and Dimensions by Anomalist Books recently. I liked this interview since we get to hear from Vallee more about UFO research that his previous interview and it is definitely a great listen I promise! Stephen Bassett was the second guest and talked about the upcoming X Conference in April. I have linked the entire four hour show right here. Simply click Play and enjoy! I will also post the download link for the mp3 files for those who might wanna download the same! Will do so in my next post! So here goes!

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Hour 4

Note: I see many people comin here from dailygrail today! Just wanna mention that I have also posted the same interview, four hours in all for download as well! It’s a 50+ mb file and commercial free! Just follow this link to my other posting on this blog!

Vallee Feb 12th Inteview download blog post!


Paul Kimball Interview

Paul Kimball

Paul Kimball was the guest on the November 18th edition of theparacast! For those of you who have no clues about Paul, I would suggest you check out his blog. He is the nephew of Stanton Friedman, who is a well known UFOlogist. But that’s not the only reason why he is famous. Paul has produced some excellent documentaries on the UFO phenomenon, “Best Evidence – Top Ten UFO Sightings“, being the best of ’em. He was also the one behind, yeah your guess is rite, “Stanton Friedman is Real“. He is one of the reasonable voices in UFOlogy today and I respect him for that. Paul is also pretty straightforward and calls out BS without any second thoughts (Kolonel Kal Korff can vouch for that! :D). He is also a frequent visitor to theparacast, and this interview also had all the fireworks that are expected in any of his media engagements. Have a listen! Just right click and download.

Paul Kimball at theparacast

The Paracast with Richard Dolan

I admit, it’s been a long time since I had posted anything related to the awesome pdcast from Gene and David at theparacast! But believe me, some of the episodes in November were terribel, mostly because the guests were kinda jerks! Even David and Gene felt the same way! But there were a few good ones as well. For instance this one was broadcast on November 25th and featured Richard Dolan, who has become a UFO historian of sorts! For those who are familiar with UFOlogy today would know about Richard Dolan I am sure.

Richard Dolan

He has visited theparacast before and this time he was on for the full two hours and it was a great listen. As I had admitted earlier, I do have some issues with Dolan on some of his statements but they are just minor disagreements. Anyway here is the direct download link. Just right click and save it locally!

Richard Dolan at theparacast – Nov 25th

More CNN Lunacy!

Th following segment was aired in Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN a couple of days back. I like AC in general, because he is a serious journalist compared to most of the hacks that are in news these days, like the dumb ass woman in the last vdo! He got James Fox back on alrite, and Fox was talkin about the NPC event and then it turns out that Fox was brought on to debate the fat ass clown James Mcgaha! This guy is a text book example for how a skeptic is not supposed to be! He has no curiosity whatsoever and he claims that all people who claim to see UFO’s are hallucinating and he is the best authority in explaining UFO cases! Load of BS! I am gonna post a few edited vdos of this dumbo in the next few days, where he explains away most of the credible UFO sightings as just nothin more than stars, light house flash, re entering satellites, flares, blah blah blah! What perplexes me the most is that he has never investigated a single case first hand, and yet he thinks he knows better! Don’t they teach objectivity in those skeptic meetings? What an ass!

The Lunacy of Mainstream Media

In my previous post I had talked about the UFO Close Encounters Meeting at the National Press Club on November 12th. Well, guess what, the media reported on the event and as usual, the coverage was pathetic! I am embedding a CNN report on the event and I must say, I couldn’t stand the BS from the bi*ch! She is prolly one of the most arrogant, misinformed, totally clueless news casters I have ever seen! The way she giggles and handles herself in covering this event is proof enough that the mainstream media whores can never be honest about reporting topics like UFOs. Sorry about the harsh language, but any number of expletives ain’t gonna change the situation!

At least the guy who reported on the event was a little bit serious about it! Have a look for yourself! Have a vomit bag ready, coz you might wanna throw up!

Paracast Alert: Ritzmann & Vaeni X Conference Round up

Its Sunday, and that means only one thing! A new episode of theparacast. Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni visit theparacast to discuss the recently concluded X Conference, Stephen Bassett‘s brain child. I heard a lot about lot of crazy things that happened over at the conference in a lot of forum postings from Jeremy and David. Hence I am expecting a lot of fireworks tonite when the show airs. Don’t miss the show. Here are the timings:

Sunday, 8:00–10:00 PM Central Time
(6:00–8:00 PM Pacific, 9:00–11:00 PM Eastern, and Monday at 0200 UTC)

Just visit theparacast and refresh your browser at the time of the show and you should be able to listen live!

Paracast – Frank Warren Download

In the latest episode of theparacast last Sunday, Frank Warren was interviewed about all issues UFO. The controversial Walter Haut Death Bed Confession Affidavit was discussed in length! Personally, I don’t attach any credibility to the document as such and I have had it with the Roswell crowd! There are a lot of other cases that are more interesting than Roswell, yet few UFOlogists promote Roswell as the Holy Grail in this mystery! Anyway, pretty good interview nevertheless! Direct download link below!

Frank Warren visits theparacast