Challenger Disaster – New Super 8 Footage

In an effort to satisfy my guilty pleasure, I was at huffingtonpost a few moments ago and I found this article and video. The video is exclusively licensed to huffingtonpost.

Jeffrey Ault, from Orange City, Florida was visiting Kennedy Space Center, round about the time when Challenger was to be launched. He recorded this footage using his Super 8 camera and your could see clearly the chain of events starting from the launch to the explosion of the shuttle. There are some chilling stuff heard during the video, like a woman screaming right when the shuttle explodes and Steve Nesbitt telling about the obvious major malfunction.

Click on the image to get to huffingtonpost for the video and the article.

Challenger Amateur Video - huffingtonpost

Challenger Amateur Video - huffingtonpost

One of the saddest events in human history.




Sorry for the inactivity folks. Tied up with some personal stuff. Have some free time today. That means, updates!

Before going any further, I would like to apologize for an error related to the Bell Labs creepy picture that I have discussed quite extensively in some of my previous posts. You see, it was Don Monroe, one of my blog visitors, who led me to the NY Times piece on Bell Labs innovation, which is where the picture appeared for the first time in color. But, Don said that he is confused about the picture, since, he had worked for a long time in Bell Labs in New Jersey and he wasn’t sure if it was Bell Labs at all, although, some of the features did look similar. He also added that some of his former co-workers were scratching their heads as well.

A couple of days after I had put the news about the NY Times article here, I revisited the article only to find the famous picture replaced by a picture of Echo, the first communications satellite. It was clear that there was an issue. On March 4th, it was confirmed when NY Times posted a correction about the picture, which can be read in the following link.

March 4 – NY Times Corrections

Here’s the quote, if you are bored to browse the article.

The cover photograph last Sunday with an opinion essay about Bell Labs and its contributions to scientific and technological innovation was published in error. The picture, from Magnum Photos, most likely showed workers at Allied Chemical in 1967 — not at Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1966. The photograph had been incorrectly labeled in the studio of the photographer, Elliott Erwitt.

So, there you have it. The photograph comes most likely from Allied Chemical. Hopefully, it should be right this time. Whatever may be the source, the awesomeness of the photo still holds.

Again, thanks to Don for following it up and letting me know about the Corrections.

Book List 2012 – The Bed of Procrustes

A short post for now. I got The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I have a long night ahead of me tonight and I will post my detailed thoughts about the book later. Since it’s a collection of aphorisms, you can complete this book in one sitting in all of an hour. There are pretty excellent gems in there.

The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

More coming later…..