EEE 1000H – Showcase

Just a showcase shot of my EEE 1000H in action. Using ScrotWM in this shot. You should recognize the person on the netbook skin. He is my God!

EEE 1000H – Shot I

Click on the images for full view.

EEE 1000H Showcase -Shot II: Fascinating!

The following shot details the working screen. As usual, click for full view.

EEE Screenshot

My Friday wear

Just a lame post before crashing. This is my traditional Friday wear (seen here in my old office). Scotty takes precedence when engaging in hardware hacks and Spock it is when coding. It’s a bit too much I know. But I don’t give a damn! I get superpowers, especially when putting the blue one on. Debugging always turns out more efficient 😀 Click on the image for full view.

My Friday Wardrobe

Good night folks and till tomorrow.

I am meeting my Captain! FedCon 2012

I had completely forgotten about this. This is freaking awesome! Big time nerd alert! FedCon is an annual Star Trek and Sci-Fi convention that is held in Düsseldorf, here in Germany. It is Europe’s largest Trekker Convention. This time around, the event will be held between 17th of May and 20th of May. The guest list this year is a total win! I got my special tickets a while back. This will be my first FedCon experience. And by looking at the list, it will turn out to be a memorable experience. William Freaking Shatner is in the house, and so is Macgyver! Chekov, Data, Riker, Dr. Crusher, Gowran, Martok, Doral and many more.

I am hyper excited to see the Captain. I have never seen him live. I am a big fan of Macgyver/O’Neill as well. Let the party begin. My birthday falls on the 18th of May and it certainly would be the greatest birthday party ever! Period! Click on the image for details.

Nerd Alert - FedCon

Can’t wait until 17th May. Star Trek FTW! Sorry, Princess Leia. True, you adorn my wall with your life size golden bikini poster and all, but truth be told, Star Wars can’t hold a candle to Star Trek.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Am a huge fan of Star Trek, and it’s pretty obvious I guess, given the general theme of this blog! Anyway I found an amazing Map of the Star Trek universe over at geekstir, and I thought I should promptly post the picture rite here! Geekstir is one awesome site you folks oughtta check out! Anyway here’s the map! It’s a big file. So be patient!

Click on the picture for a glorious view!