Paracast – Frank Warren Download

In the latest episode of theparacast last Sunday, Frank Warren was interviewed about all issues UFO. The controversial Walter Haut Death Bed Confession Affidavit was discussed in length! Personally, I don’t attach any credibility to the document as such and I have had it with the Roswell crowd! There are a lot of other cases that are more interesting than Roswell, yet few UFOlogists promote Roswell as the Holy Grail in this mystery! Anyway, pretty good interview nevertheless! Direct download link below!

Frank Warren visits theparacast

Paracast – Bassett & Steiger Download

Stephen Bassett

Brad Steiger

Stephen Bassett, the Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group, the Exopolitics organization, and Brad Steiger, paranormal researcher visited theparacast on Sept 09, 2007. I am no fan of Exopolitics crap. Good luck in getting the Govt. release information about the UFO phenomenon. It has never worked and never well! But having said that, I should also mention that Bassett really believes in what he’s doing passionately, so I am not so critical of him as a person. Steiger is also a frequent visitor to theparacast, and he mentioned a lot of interesting cases that he has encountered in his research! Have a listen. Here is the direct download link!

Stephen Bassett & Brad Steiger at theparacast

Paracast – Kenn Thomas & Jim Moseley

Kenn Thomas

Jim Moseley

On the September 2nd Edition of theparacast, conspiracy theorist, Kenn Thomas, and Jim Moseley, Editor of Saucer Smear were interviewed. Moseley had been at theparacast before, and he comes of as a funny character. His humorous take on the UFO phenomenon is really worth the read. I don’t know a lot about Kenn Thomas, but I normally pay no attention to conspiracy buffoons, and some things he said in the interview were downright crazy! Have a listen! Here is the direct download link!

Sept02, 2007 Episode – Kenn Thomas & Jim Moseley