Omploader Death & New Blog Design

Omploader - Down!

Omploader – Down!

Hi guys, sorry about having disappeared for a while. Had to deal with a few personal tragedies and work related stuff kept me occupied. Anyway, I am aware that the beloved Omploader is dead. But I always had a hope that it would come back. It has happened a few times with Omploader. Sadly, I think this time it is for real ūüė¶ I wanted to quickly mention this here because I had a few files hosted on Omploader –¬† some Fluxbox themes, XfCE4 themes and some configs. If you guys encounter a 404, do drop a comment here. I will re-host the files elsewhere.

Also, just wanted to mention a bit about my blog’s new design. I was getting a bit bored with my itunes 2 theme. It is one of my favorite themes and who knows, I may revert back to it in a few days. I currently dig the BonPress theme and like it’s very clean interface. I particularly like how the theme renders on my old Xperia E C1505 phone.

BonPress Theme on Xperia E C1505

BonPress Theme on Xperia E C1505

If the viewing experience is not that good with this theme please let me know. I would revert back to itunes theme.


Prometheus Conclusions will be out tomorrow folks. But, I just wanna briefly mention one thing today. I have mentioned the fact that I am from the south of India, from Madras actually. Growing up in my city, I have seen my share of morons when it comes to teasing women. But, people always spoke up when they witness something like that. It is shameful that the crime against women has reached mortified levels in our capital, Delhi. It is not just the rape capital of India, but the entire world. All the lawmakers should hang their heads in shame for not protecting one of our own. Delhi police has become the worst. And those morons who raped this girl, need to be lined up and should be dealt with capital punishment. Start with cutting each part of their body before shooting those assholes in the temple at last.

I am sorry for using such language. I am completely down after hearing that the brave girl had died. Today, although it pains me the most, I would like to say this – I am completely ashamed to be an Indian. I just hope the laws are made stricter and morons who rape are dealt with capital punishments!

Good bye long hair!

Before continuing with Prometheus, just wanted to mention that I finally cut my long hair yesterday after almost nine years. At one time, my air reached the back of my knee. I cut it to waist size, a couple of years later a little more until July this year, when I kept it shoulder length. I had been pondering over cutting my hair ever since March this year, but somehow kept postponing it. But, a couple of days ago, egged on by a couple of my dear Japanese female friends, one of whom happens to be my Japanese tandem learning partner, I finally cut it off.

I am now sporting a short hair style partially based on one of Ryota Nozaki’s (Jazztronik) hairstyles (see the following picture). My hairstylist adapted his style and gave his own twist based on my hair structure.

Jazztronik – Ryoto Nozaki

I think it will take a while to get used to it though after never having seen myself in the mirror with short hair in the last nine years. In addition, I still suffer from the “phantom ponytail syndrome”, always trying to adjust my non-existent ponytail!

RIP Arthur O. Sulzberger

First off, sorry for not having posted updates for a while. I had to channel my complete focus on a mathematical problem that has been bugging me for a while. It has to do with Theoretical Physics of course. I know the answer is within my reach and once I am satisfied with my solution I will talk about it right here. For the moment though, I would like to continue with the Prometheus analysis theme right after this post.

Arthur O. Sulzberger 1926-2012

I am sure anyone who reads The New York Times regularly would know Arthur O. Sulzberger. He breathed his last yesterday at his home on Southampton, New York. I have been reading NYT regularly since the September 11 attacks. Apart from general reporting, I love the Opinion and Editorial section. Oh, how can I forget the Crosswords. The Gray Lady is one of the greatest newspapers on the planet in my opinion. It’s history, what it has done for journalism, and the fact that it is the newspaper of record just goes on to show why it should be read by anyone, regardless of where one belongs in the political spectrum.

The New York Times – September 12th, 2001

This is the main reason why I wanted to talk a bit about Arthur O. Sulzberger. He is credited for having made NYT to what it is today. During his tenure NYT won 31 Pulitzer prizes and expanded from a traditional, family owned paper to a nationally and perhaps, internationally important paper. But what he did to the First Amendment movement in America is something that can never be forgotten. Going against outside counsel he published The Pentagon Papers. Doing so, he stood up against the Nixon administration effectively showing that everyone is accountable, be it a normal citizen or the President of the United States.

American politics fascinates me. I have been following it almost religiously since the 2000 presidential elections. Primary season, conventions and the general elections are a time period of great excitement for me. I am so looking forward to the general elections this year. So, it was natural that I had a great interest to learn more about the political climate in the 60’s and the 70’s. It’s what led me to The Pentagon Papers and appreciate the role played by The New York Times and Washington Post. That’s why I consider Arthur O. Sulzberger one of the ¬†pioneers in journalism and is definitely one of my heroes.

I would like to take this moment and say, Mr. Sulzberger, Rest in Peace. Your contributions will never be forgotten. Have a great journey Sir.


Sorry for the disappearance over the last month folks. A few things came up here and there and I was unable to be online as much I had hoped. Anyway, I got some time on my hands now. I am gonna post some stuff straightaway.  To the visitors who had left their comments over this period, I will post my response in the next couple of days.

Aurora, Colorado Shootings

I just heard about the shootings last night at The Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones and the ones who were injured. It would be tough for even the people who escaped unhurt. The trauma of having been in the middle of such an incident is more than sufficient to drive one crazy. May they all have the strength to recover from this awful shooting.

I don’t want to comment on this tragedy, until all the facts are out. Hopefully, we should learn more about James Holmes in the next few hours. What worries me though, is the fact that some idiotic pundit on one of the 24 hour news networks would start blaming The Dark Knight Rises for the shooting.

Tragedy seems to follow The Dark Knight Saga in one form or another.

Joker Thesis – Delayed

Sorry about that folks. I am getting released from the hospital tomorrow, hence, it has been pretty hectic over the last few days. It will take a couple of days or more to settle down at home environment. Once settled, I will post the article. Finally, it feels good to be out of the hospital. Sort of feels like I was locked up in one of those root partitions all this time, where I had no access to change anything, but I can peek around harmlessly. Now, I am back to my home partition. Time to celebrate! /usr/home/skinwalker/ FTW!


Creationists explain Gravity!

I am a huge fan of text printed T-shirts. Most of the times, I print the text myself. Today, I am wearing one of my own creations. It is based on a quote by the hilarious Bill Maher of Real Time. You see, it was a time when the Evolution vs Creationism argument was in full throttle during the Kansas School District controversy. He was promoting a book on Jay Leno, and he was making fun of Creationists’ arguments. He said, the Creationists were not so sure about gravity either, and that they think it might be angels pulling our pants down.

I loved that quote and being a big time Creationism hater myself, I knew I had to make a T-shirt with the quote. Click on the image for full view.

Princeton Problems in Physics

Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions

You see, one cannot become an expert in Physics, without tackling problems. Especially, in Theoretical Physics, math plays a dominant role. One of my favorite hobbies is digging Physics problems. One of my favorite books in this regard is the Princeton Problems in Physics. Almost all aspects of Modern Physics are covered in this great book and working out the problems is a great stress breaker. The best part about this book is that you have the entire solutions available as well.

If you have a passion for Physics and wanna train yourself, this problems book is a great addition. One of my favorite pass times lately has been developing programs to solve many problems presented in the book. Totally awesome feeling!

Long Absence

It’s been more than three months I believe since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic and top of that fell sick. I am in the hospital right now getting treatment. Have recovered a bit, but just a few more steps to go. I will update my blog from now on. So, keep watching this space.