Sticker Conky

Since I use EvilWM predominantly, I recently thought of having a minimal conky setup with basic information about the machine, date and time.

I am generally not a fan of date only conky or the full blown conky that I see everwhere that fill up half the screen on some people’s desktops. They are hideous, but its just my point of view, and I am sure many will not agree. But that’s not so important. I love this conky setup, and I call it Sticker Conky, like a case sticker. If anyone needs this, let me know.

On a related note, dotfiles has been down since a few days, so may be I will move all my configs elsewhere. I will post a link for my new configs page once I am done right here of course. Anyway here is the conky.


A Different Setup

Was tied up with a lot of work over the last couple of weeks, hence a lack of updates. Anyway, I spruced up my color setup a bit, and thought of using some brown tones for sometime. The setup is sort of uniform on all my machines, and on both Fluxbox and EvilWM. So here is a screenshot from my Lunar Linux powered Lenovo Laptop. As usual, click on the thumbnail for full view.