Countdown to The Dark Knight Rises

This is an exciting week. The Dark Knight Rises comes out on Friday and from what I have read online, is supposed to kick some serious butt. The movie is getting released here in Germany only on 24th of this month, but still, I have begun my prep already. Apart from re-reading many comic books (Vengeance, Knightfall, Cataclysm, No Man’s Land etc.), I am also revamping my desktops and laptops to celebrate the release.

This post is related to such a revamp. The following screenshot is from my EEE box powered by OpenBSD 5.1 and running  ScrotWM. I just thought this minimal Bane wallpaper fit perfectly and the terminal colors are one of my ancient creations from years back, called, Colorado. Since, there were a few requests for the colors, let me post them right here. The media player is vitunes, which is an MPlayer frontend that has vi-like key bindings. I have spoken about it in one of my previous posts.

Without further ado, here is the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.

Preparation for The Dark Knight Rises

You can get the terminal colors from the following link.

Colorado Colors

If there’s any other information needed, please drop a note.

By the way, The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack is mega awesome. Gotham’s Reckoning and Imagine the Fire are spine-tingling.

Starting with this post, I will add more Batman related posts for the next couple of days. Keep watching this space.

Variation on a theme

So, I just cooked up some new colors for my OpenBSD rig. The colors are just low contrast variations of the default X colors. Thought it would look crappy, but I am kinda satisfied with the results.

Now, presenting the screenshot. Click on the images for full view.

Clean Version

Clean Version

Busy Version

Busy Shot

Now, for the colors, just click on the following link.


As for the wallpaper, it’s the famous Minimal 2 version from Alexander at DevArt. Follow the link to the wallpaper. If you are into minimal walls, make sure to check out his profile page. He’s got some excellent wallpapers.

Minimal 2 by Alexander


On a related note, the track Terrific Trio vs Rocketeers from Batman Beyond Album is da bomb! Killer track to run in the background when hacking furiously. Sort of reminds me of the track, Ishikawa surfs the system from one of the Ghost in the Shell Albums.

Boring Day!

Today, we moved from the first floor to the fourth floor in the hospital. It was pretty hectic. Finally, I can sit back and relax for a while. Posting a current shot of my EEE. I have only my EEE machine with me at the hospital. It is powered by OpenBSD 5.1 and ScrotWM is the window manager. The machine is brilliant and OpenBSD just flies on this nifty box. I have had no problems whatsoever with upgrades. Started out with OpenBSD 4.5 and now it is the latest 5.1. No reinstalls, just simple upgrades and some minor hacks here and there.

As far as the details of the shot goes, the font is still Dina medium and bold, pixelsize 15. Colors are gentoo colors. If any other information is needed, please drop a note.

Now, to the screenshot. As usual, click on the image for full view.

Bats Family-Version 2


Going by tradition, how about a mundane screenshot of my EEE at the hospital. I am still using OpenBSD on this machine and ScrotWM is the window manager (SpectreWM, as it is called these days!). I love the Bats family wallpaper. The font is Dina, pixelsize 15. If there is any question, please let me know. Oh, the colors by the way are based on the famous Gentoo default config, both the Xdefaults and vim theme.

Click on the image for full view.

I am the Goddamn Batman!

Now, the wallpaper. Click for full view.

Bats Family

Marathon Mod Showcase Contd.

Thought of adding another screen with Marathonmod in action. Window Manager is Fluxbox. OS is FreeBSD 9.0-Release of course. The fluxbox theme is a mod of Absurd theme. I am using the Xoria256 color palette on my terminal. The font has been released in my previous post and it points to my github from where it can be downloaded.

Marathon Mod in action

This wallpaper is one of my absolute favorites. It’s not from a bio weapons research lab or a deleted scene from The Shining (It is one helluva film!). It’s from Bell Labs, 1966. Everything works in this picture, the “WTF are you lookin at punk?” look, the glasses, the creepy hallway and much more. I will post the wallpaper and some related stuff tonight. The current network I am on is crapping all over the place.

If you are interested in the animation series in the screenshot, it is one of the funniest series ever, Harvey Birdman – Attorney at Law. The references to pop culture, politics and being extremely funny at the same time made this series stand out. Perfect animation with loads of adult humor. The guy you see here is Phil Sebben from Sebben & Sebben (Stephen Colbert was beyond awesome in this series man!).

Note: I would just like to say one thing about the font. It might be too tall or the character variations might be too much for some of you. I had the same feeling about the font when I started out. But it kinda grew on me.  This is particularly obvious with the semi-condensed version shown in the screenshots. The normal version isn’t that extreme. Besides, I had posted earlier that I am just releasing all the fonts that I have created over a period of time, regardless of their aesthetic appeal.

Google Search – DragonFly BSD

I just had a look at my stats page and I see that a few people come here searching for DragonFly BSD and TWM. I believe, I mentioned briefly about TWM before. Anyway, let me add a bit more. I still use DragonFly BSD on one of my rigs at home. Hammer is pretty awesome. I don’t have any other WM running on that box. It’s just good old TWM. I even had DragonFly BSD running successfully on my EEE 1000H sometime back. It was solid, wireless performance was a bit troubling though, but I had a minor hack to automatically reattach if the driver gave up. I had this screenshot from my EEE over at devart and I am posting it right here again. If you need something to be resurrected, like my old configs, etc., do comment. TWM is pretty easy to configure and with vdesk, virtual desktops are child’s play. Anyway, click on the image for full view.

TWM on DragonFly BSD powered EEE 1000H

I will push this twm theme to my github tonight. If anything else is required, please let me know.


They need love too!

I cannot believe how people can throw away their computers when they are working fine. Last month, as I was walking along the street where I live, I saw a gentleman discarding some of his old stuff. Right when I was passing by, he brought a laptop out and threw it away. I asked him what was wrong with the machine. He said it was not working (That doesn’t say anything, of course). Then I asked him if I could take a look. He said it was ok. It was a relatively new laptop from Dell and I took it home for testing. First thing I realized was that the hard drive connector was loose. Once I sorted that out, it was absolutely fine. The machine started fine after that. No problems whatsoever.

So I took the machine back to the gentleman and told him I fixed it. But he was not interested and told me with a straight face that he doesn’t take something back after having thrown it away. Quite a philosophy I must add. So, I took it home and upgraded the RAM and did some minor quirks here and there and it was ready for its life v 2.0.

My first choice was FreeBSD, which wouldn’t even boot. OpenBSD worked fine up until hard drive recognition. It wouldn’t budge. So, my next choice was NetBSD. Well, what would you know, it installed just fine. Next up was X, followed by pkgsrc. No issues. Only issue was wireless card. It comes with a Broadcom chip that doesn’t have support. But I had a spare Ralink USB wireless adapter, which was pretty easy to set up. Took the machine for a test ride, even LINPACK benchmarks gave satisfying results. Wireless worked fine too. So, another machine salvaged.

Since it was Christmas time, like the year before, wanted to donate this machine as well. I found a smart kid from a not so well to do family through one of my friends and donated it to him. It was totally satisfying to see how happy he was. He has never used BSD before, but he has worked with Linux for a long time. So I gave him a crash course on BSD and NetBSD in particular.

Here is a screenshot from the laptop before I gave it to him. Click on the image for full view. Window manager is ScrotWM and the font is Dash, which is a mod of the famous font, Smooth (from misc family). I will release it sometime this month.

NetBSD 5.1 on the donated laptop

That makes it 28 computers donated until end of last year. Let’s see how it is this year.

Old habits die hard

I am a sucker for nostalgia. For instance, I am a huge fan of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). My first serious UNIX experience was with a Solaris box back in the late 90’s when CDE was the de facto standard. It took a fair amount of time to get used to it, but after that it was a fascinating computing experience. Every now and then I would configure my desk to look like CDE. Fortunately, it is easier now, thanks to Karsten’s OpenCDE project. That fact that it was developed on a FreeBSD box, it is pretty easy to set it up without changing any of the installation files. I have used it a lot before.

But this post is about Xfce and its pre version 4.x CDE look. A visitor of this blog asked how it could be configured that way. Hence, this post.

First, you need the source files. I used Xfce release 3.8.18. You could grab them from sourceforge, of course. Extract the archive and a simple ./configure, make, make install should do the rest. That’s just about it. Bad news is, on amd64 boxes it is likely that the build would fail when compiling xfgnome. But the good news is, it can be patched to rectify that. To make matters easier, I have uploaded the archive (with the patch) over at omploader. The patch sits in the xfce-3.8.18 root directory (called patch) and you should simply patch it before the build. It should work just fine after that.

Just click on the image to download the archive directly from omploader.

Xfce-3.8.18 Sources+patch for amd64

In addition, you can parse various options when you run configure. You can enable old style panel (see screenshot), CDE specific files, etc. ./configure –help should give you all the options. Good luck.

Now, the obligatory screenshot.

Xfce-3.8.18 on FreeBSD 8.2 amd 64

If you guys encounter any issues, please let me know with your comments. For FreeBSD, xfce 3.8.18 is still available in ports, although deprecated.

GitHUB Update Tomorrow+Current XMonad Screen

As usual, sorry about the delayed update. I will be finally moving all my configs over to GitHub tomorrow. Got tied up with a very interesting simulation this weekend and some high energy physics. Yes, I am talking about the muon neutrino finding by CERN. I was reading the original paper and one thing led to another and ended up reading four more papers related to baryon and dark matter asymmetry. Fascinating. Felt great getting back to my roots for a while, Theoretical Physics that is.

Anyway, here’s another screenshot, featuring XMonad on my FreeBSD laptop. The configs are absolutely similar to my earlier post. Only change is the wallpaper. Sort of fits the occasion I think. Click on the image for full view.

XMonad on FreeBSD

I am also uploading the wallpaper. I got it from wallbase. Just played around with the hue and saturation settings to suit my needs. I am posting the original and my edit. Click on the images for full view.

Lepton - Original Wallpaper

Lepton - Wallpaper Mod

Please visit tomorrow for my GitHub update.