One wedding and a few funerals


I am back!

Hello friends. Long long long time, I know. Life threw a series of stink bombs at me over the last few years and man I thought I was dunzo. But God had other plans. I soldiered on and learned a lot during this time and have emerged fucking stronger than ever before. I am ready for anything now. It’s been what, nearly six years since I posted here? The years have flown so quickly man. Although I had been blogging a bit over the last couple of years by operating some new domains here and there, I missed Skinwalker as this is my first home on the internet. So I got it reactivated and today being highly auspicious in this part of the world and all, decided to start posting shit again. Also, with UNIX50 having been commemorated just a day or two back, I really wanted to post my thoughts, but I wanted to do it right here.

I just hope at least a few of my faithful blog readers/visitors are still online and they might be still interested in what I have to say about things. The title of the post by the way just refers to the madness that was the last few years of my life. Lost some of my closest family one after the other. But it was not all gloomy, got married to a wonderful woman.

Anyway, I am back and hoping to see continued support from you folks.

I am back!

First of all, I would like to apologize to the readers/visitors of my blog. It’s been more than a year since my last post. I do see that in the mean time there have been a lot of requests. I will definitely try to cater to your requests in the coming few days. Life is good as usual, there have been quite a few setbacks, but nothing too bad. I will post some new material tonight. So watch this space.


Sorry about not having updated my blog for quite sometime now. Have been extremely busy with my thesis writeup and job search. But planning to update tonight. So stay tuned. 😀

Info and More Linux Related Posts!

As I has mentioned in my previous post, I have activated my old blog and have already started posting stuff about my latest linux exploits. I am currently posting some of my experiences with the totally awesome source based linux distro, Lunar Linux. Its a work in progress and will be completed in a couple of days or so. So have a look at my old blog. In the meantime how about a new xmonad screen? Back to coding a lot rite now, and so Xmonad is the manager of choice! Also got hold of the amazing Pragmata font and the console rendering is perfect. Probably one of the best console fonts ever, period! Here’s a screenshot! Apps running are dzen2 as status bar, and urxvt. Click on the picture for the correct resolution.


Here’s the link to my old blog – Future-Talk

Long Absence!

Well, as usual, it has been days since I posted anything! Was too busy and didn’t find the time to update this blog! But I have some time on my hands rite now and so I am gonna post some updates!

Too damn Busy!

Am really sorry folks! I had been xtremely busy over the last few days. Had to deal with some problems in my project! Fortunately they have been sorted out! So from now on I can update my blog frequently! Will be posting links to the new paracast episodes for starters!