Current Screenshot!

I know it’s been a while since I had posted some stuff! Kinda busy again! But planning to take this Friday off for some personal reasons! I will post some new stuff then. For the time being here is the screenshot of my new workstation. I got this totally awesome quadcore system for work last Friday and immediately installed Linux and all the important mathematical libraries that I use most of the time! It’s damn fast, and kicks ass! I have been working a lot lately with the terminal, and hence realized that a tiling manager would be the most appropriate to work with on a widescreen monitor. That’s where xmonad comes into the picture! It’s fantastic and makes life so much easier when doing some programming! I instantly fell for it! I had worked with dwm before, but there are some issues with dwm, like absence of multi monitor support, that drove me back to gnome or xfce! But with xmonad, I have found the best tiling manager! I will post a mini guide to setup xmonad in general, and also post my config file this Friday! Here is the screenshot of my desktop!


Click on thumbnail for full size.

Running emacs inside terminal, and cmatrix!

WTF of the Day!

I will post UFO related stuff tomorrow. For the time being, here’s the WTF entry of the day! I was in Milan, Italy for a conference last month, and i asked a friend of mine to take this picture at a subway station in Milan city center. What you see here are the directions to use a coke vending machine. The English translation is absolutely hilarious! 😀 Trust me, German is not that good either!

Feynman – Pleasure of Finding Things Out!

I am a huge fan of Richard Feynman. The QED God also happened to be a great educator, motivating many people with his books and interviews! I have uploaded a 50 minute vdo of his to Google and he talks about the sense of pleasure one attains when he or she figures out how a certain thing works. I think I don’t have to say more about the man, since most of you folks would be familiar with him! I will let his video do all the talking! The video is titled, “Pleasure of finding things out”, and was broadcast on BBC TV as part of their Horizon series. Here is the link to the original production company where you can also find info about other documentaries and order the DVD’s.

Christopher Sykes Productions

Man from Earth 2007

Have you folks watched Man From Earth already? If not, I would suggest you guys check it out! This indie film is prolly one of the best this year. Goes on to prove that Sci-Fi does not need effects all the time to be compelling. Though there a few shortfalls, this movie was great! I liked it a lot! the best thing is you can download it from any torrent site! Actually the producer thanked the people who downloaded his film making it famous and providing free publicity! Take that MPAA! Many people have given favorable reviews for this movie that it enjoys a 8.1 rating at imdb!

Visit the official website for more info about the novel by Late Jerome Bixby, and the film!

More CNN Lunacy!

Th following segment was aired in Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN a couple of days back. I like AC in general, because he is a serious journalist compared to most of the hacks that are in news these days, like the dumb ass woman in the last vdo! He got James Fox back on alrite, and Fox was talkin about the NPC event and then it turns out that Fox was brought on to debate the fat ass clown James Mcgaha! This guy is a text book example for how a skeptic is not supposed to be! He has no curiosity whatsoever and he claims that all people who claim to see UFO’s are hallucinating and he is the best authority in explaining UFO cases! Load of BS! I am gonna post a few edited vdos of this dumbo in the next few days, where he explains away most of the credible UFO sightings as just nothin more than stars, light house flash, re entering satellites, flares, blah blah blah! What perplexes me the most is that he has never investigated a single case first hand, and yet he thinks he knows better! Don’t they teach objectivity in those skeptic meetings? What an ass!


More lunacy from CNN in the next post! Rite now a little bit of insomnia related stuff! I have been an insomniac for a very long time now, and this picture sums up my feelings when I am in my bed! 😀 Courtesy! Check out xkcd for witty strips! Click on the thumbnail for a larger view!


The Lunacy of Mainstream Media

In my previous post I had talked about the UFO Close Encounters Meeting at the National Press Club on November 12th. Well, guess what, the media reported on the event and as usual, the coverage was pathetic! I am embedding a CNN report on the event and I must say, I couldn’t stand the BS from the bi*ch! She is prolly one of the most arrogant, misinformed, totally clueless news casters I have ever seen! The way she giggles and handles herself in covering this event is proof enough that the mainstream media whores can never be honest about reporting topics like UFOs. Sorry about the harsh language, but any number of expletives ain’t gonna change the situation!

At least the guy who reported on the event was a little bit serious about it! Have a look for yourself! Have a vomit bag ready, coz you might wanna throw up!

Larry King Live – Are UFO’s Real? Nov 10th, 2007

Am guessin most people might be knowin this already! On Nov 10th, Larry King invited a lot of guests to discuss all things UFO. James Fox, Fife Symington, Charles Halt, Jim Pennington, Nick Pope, James “I don’t know jack sh*t about UFO’s” Mcgaha, and Shirley “I live in crazy town” Maclaine. I like James Fox a lot for what he has been doin to lend credibility to the UFO phenomenon. His Out of the Blue documentary is probably one of the best UFO documentaries to have been ever produced. Especially the latest DVD featuring not before seen interview footage was totally awesome! So any endeavor on part of Fox has to be appreciated!

This program was a press opp for Fox and the guests, since they organized a meeting at the National Press Club, titled UFO Close Encounters on November 12th. We will probably hear more about the meeting in the coming few days! Though the wacko Steven Greer organized something similar like this a few years back, this one is much better, simply because Greer is not involved in the event planning whatsoever! Leslie Kean and James Fox organized this together and for that my respects for both of ’em! Leslie is the one who is directly responsible for NASA admitting to reopen its files on the Kecksburg UFO Incident!

I am embedding the UTube vdos rite here for your viewing pleasure! Thanx to the original uploaders! Finally a shout out to Larry King as well! I am no fan of the man, but at least he is not afraid to discuss UFO’s frequently!

Here’s Part 1

James Fox (Filmmaker), Fife Symington (Fmr. Governor of Arizona), Charles Halt (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Jim Pennington (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Nick Pope (Fmr. UFO researcher from the Ministry of Defense, England).

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Overall I have only one complaint! James Mcgaha! This guy is an ass! HE knows nothin about UFO’s and he has never investigated a single case, yet he thinks he is right by just sitting at his home! Pathetic! A model pseudo skeptic!