Jacques Vallee Interview at C2C Sept 17th, 2007

Dr. Jacques Vallee

I don’t have to say a lot about this I guess! Things were kinda shaken up when it was known that the incomparable Dr. Vallee was visiting C2C with Da Noor Man on Sept 17th, 2007! I was taken by surprise and had lots of expectations! But with Da Noor Man, may be I should have kept my expectations low. Vallee was fantastic as always and he discussed his absence, at least publicly from the UFO circuit and also his theories about the reality of the phenomenon itself. He also discussed some of his experiences with the late Dr. Hynek about his role in convincing Dr. Hynek that there was some element of truth to the nature of some ufo sightings.

Vallee also discussed his forthcoming appearance at the International Remote Viewing Association 2007 Remote Viewing Conference on October 20th. He was joined by Paul Smith about the event.

But the sickening thing about this rare event was the clownish behavior of George Noory. He obviously didn’t understand a shit about Vallee’s ideas and his questions were not that good. I am no fan of Art Bell, but I guess Bell would have done a better job, so would have Ian Punnett.

All in all, given the rarity of this interview, it’s still time to celebrate the work of Vallee. I am posting the download link for the interview at usaupload. I am posting Hours 2, 3 and 4. The ass clown Ed Dames was on in the first hour of the program, so it is not included. It is one zip file and upon unzipping you will have three mp3 files. By the way, they are commercial free 😀

Valle at C2C Sept 17th 2007 Download Page


Here’s the WTF entry for the day! Found this submission in digg, and I am wondering why I didn’t pay a visit to the Dutch Traffic Department Office when I was in The Netherlands. I remember seeing one such office close to Schipol Airport.

Dutch Driving Test

I don’t mind staying behind the bike forever!


How about a funny post before gettin back to UFOs. This is by far the worst logo that I have ever seen, atleast for a pediatric center! Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture!

Paracast Alert: Ritzmann & Vaeni X Conference Round up

Its Sunday, and that means only one thing! A new episode of theparacast. Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni visit theparacast to discuss the recently concluded X Conference, Stephen Bassett‘s brain child. I heard a lot about lot of crazy things that happened over at the conference in a lot of forum postings from Jeremy and David. Hence I am expecting a lot of fireworks tonite when the show airs. Don’t miss the show. Here are the timings:

Sunday, 8:00–10:00 PM Central Time
(6:00–8:00 PM Pacific, 9:00–11:00 PM Eastern, and Monday at 0200 UTC)

Just visit theparacast and refresh your browser at the time of the show and you should be able to listen live!

Paracast – Frank Warren Download

In the latest episode of theparacast last Sunday, Frank Warren was interviewed about all issues UFO. The controversial Walter Haut Death Bed Confession Affidavit was discussed in length! Personally, I don’t attach any credibility to the document as such and I have had it with the Roswell crowd! There are a lot of other cases that are more interesting than Roswell, yet few UFOlogists promote Roswell as the Holy Grail in this mystery! Anyway, pretty good interview nevertheless! Direct download link below!

Frank Warren visits theparacast

Paracast – Bassett & Steiger Download

Stephen Bassett

Brad Steiger

Stephen Bassett, the Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group, the Exopolitics organization, and Brad Steiger, paranormal researcher visited theparacast on Sept 09, 2007. I am no fan of Exopolitics crap. Good luck in getting the Govt. release information about the UFO phenomenon. It has never worked and never well! But having said that, I should also mention that Bassett really believes in what he’s doing passionately, so I am not so critical of him as a person. Steiger is also a frequent visitor to theparacast, and he mentioned a lot of interesting cases that he has encountered in his research! Have a listen. Here is the direct download link!

Stephen Bassett & Brad Steiger at theparacast

Paracast – Kenn Thomas & Jim Moseley

Kenn Thomas

Jim Moseley

On the September 2nd Edition of theparacast, conspiracy theorist, Kenn Thomas, and Jim Moseley, Editor of Saucer Smear were interviewed. Moseley had been at theparacast before, and he comes of as a funny character. His humorous take on the UFO phenomenon is really worth the read. I don’t know a lot about Kenn Thomas, but I normally pay no attention to conspiracy buffoons, and some things he said in the interview were downright crazy! Have a listen! Here is the direct download link!

Sept02, 2007 Episode – Kenn Thomas & Jim Moseley


It’s been a long long time since I had updated my blog. Was tied up in work, and had a lot to do with some conferences. Thankfully, got some free time on my hands rite now before i become idle again in the second week of October. Here are some UFO themed radio updates!