Best chapter in a book… ever!

A short interjection. Ben Bartlett (@bencbartlett) posted this over in twitter. Has to be the best chapter in a book. Short and to the fucking point! Absolutely. And very true as well. Ha ha.


Shortest chapter in a book!

By the way, this is from a real book by Joseph Conlon, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Oxford no less. It’s called, Why String Theory?

GUI Interface in Visual Basic – CSI Stupidity

This is very old, I know. But, I had to post it here. I am a fan of the original CSI. It used to have some of the best writing on television. It used to be very efficient as far as the scientific facts are concerned. But, of late, the show has suffered. Don’t even get me started on the various spin-offs. They are the worst. I think that the folks in charge of writing have unfortunately concluded that they have to resort to tortuous plotlines and backgrounds to make the show interesting. As a consequence, scientific terminology and tech related buzzwords get thrown around that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The following scene is an example of that.

Where do you even start with a dialogue like that? I am sure most computer hackers burst out in laughter on seeing this scene. I spit coffee when I heard that for the first time a few years ago. User saxon3049 from freebsd forums summarized the situation aptly as follows:

most CSI shows that always get the vital clue from the reflection of the killers face in the dog turd on Saturn taken with the Hubble telescope that happened to be passing overhead.

Lol! By the way, let’s not even go to 24! That series was a goldmine for tech related comedy.

Talking about FreeBSD, how about this, courtesy of lme@, a FreeBSD developer. It’s full of awesomeness!

Beastie Cookies – From lme@

By the way, I am almost done with the next part of Prometheus analysis. It will be up shortly..


Creationists explain Gravity!

I am a huge fan of text printed T-shirts. Most of the times, I print the text myself. Today, I am wearing one of my own creations. It is based on a quote by the hilarious Bill Maher of Real Time. You see, it was a time when the Evolution vs Creationism argument was in full throttle during the Kansas School District controversy. He was promoting a book on Jay Leno, and he was making fun of Creationists’ arguments. He said, the Creationists were not so sure about gravity either, and that they think it might be angels pulling our pants down.

I loved that quote and being a big time Creationism hater myself, I knew I had to make a T-shirt with the quote. Click on the image for full view.




Sorry for the inactivity folks. Tied up with some personal stuff. Have some free time today. That means, updates!

Before going any further, I would like to apologize for an error related to the Bell Labs creepy picture that I have discussed quite extensively in some of my previous posts. You see, it was Don Monroe, one of my blog visitors, who led me to the NY Times piece on Bell Labs innovation, which is where the picture appeared for the first time in color. But, Don said that he is confused about the picture, since, he had worked for a long time in Bell Labs in New Jersey and he wasn’t sure if it was Bell Labs at all, although, some of the features did look similar. He also added that some of his former co-workers were scratching their heads as well.

A couple of days after I had put the news about the NY Times article here, I revisited the article only to find the famous picture replaced by a picture of Echo, the first communications satellite. It was clear that there was an issue. On March 4th, it was confirmed when NY Times posted a correction about the picture, which can be read in the following link.

March 4 – NY Times Corrections

Here’s the quote, if you are bored to browse the article.

The cover photograph last Sunday with an opinion essay about Bell Labs and its contributions to scientific and technological innovation was published in error. The picture, from Magnum Photos, most likely showed workers at Allied Chemical in 1967 — not at Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1966. The photograph had been incorrectly labeled in the studio of the photographer, Elliott Erwitt.

So, there you have it. The photograph comes most likely from Allied Chemical. Hopefully, it should be right this time. Whatever may be the source, the awesomeness of the photo still holds.

Again, thanks to Don for following it up and letting me know about the Corrections.

Showcase Wallpaper and More

Now that I am back in a secure, faster network, I can post the wallpaper as promised. As mentioned earlier, the picture was taken at Bell Labs in New Jersey. The year was 1966. It was taken by the photographer Elliott Erwitt. The picture is full of win and awesomeness, if you ask me. Anyway, click on the thumbnail for full view.

Bell Labs - New Jersey - 1966 by Elliott Erwitt

You can go here for more.

On a related note, you guys are probably familiar with Intel Museum. It gives you a fascinating view of life and research at Intel during the early years. If I travel to the States, visiting the museum will be right on top of my priority list. Look at one of the pictures from the archives. How awesome is this? Miniskirts FTW! It’s like Star Trek Yeoman’s, only this time in all white ensemble. Click on the picture to go to gizmodo for an article about Intel fashion scene then.

Miniskirts are the bomb!

I particularly like one comment over there at gizmodo. Grindhouse Murders commented that she is Snooki’s mom! LOL!

Through the Looking Glass

This was the fortune output on my machine just a few moments ago. Why do I relate to this so much?

“No program is perfect,”
They said with a shrug.
“The customer’s happy–
What’s one little bug?”

But he was determined,            Then change two, then three more,
The others went home.              As year followed year.
He dug out the flow chart         And strangers would comment,
Deserted, alone.                          “Is that guy still here?”

Night passed into morning.      He died at the console
The room was cluttered            Of hunger and thirst
With core dumps, source listings.    Next day he was buried
“I’m close,” he muttered.            Face down, nine edge first.

Chain smoking, cold coffee,    And his wife through her tears
Logic, deduction.                        Accepted his fate.
“I’ve got it!” he cried,                 Said “He’s not really gone,
“Just change one instruction.”  He’s just working late.”
        — The Perfect Programmer

How many of you folks have spent countless nights wide awake either programming, testing or debugging? And cursing like a champion the whole time. I actually have lost count. It always starts like this – One bug, and once you catch it, you review the code again and then, you somehow feel that a certain function is called in the shittiest way possible. One thing leads to another and by the time you are finished, you realize an hour had passed by since you had begun, but it’s the next day! But the feeling you get once the issue is solved is something that is much more satisfying than an explosive orgasm! Not to forget the obligatory cursing, celebrating the conquest and partying with a hot coffee and a cigarette. 😀 Reminds me of the following picture relating the number of curses with code quality.

Absolute Truth!

It’s another perk of being single after getting your ass dumped by your ex in Starbucks after three years without any explanation (Had to rub it in, sorry. Feb 9th would be the first anniversary of the Starbucks core dump). You don’t give a damn about when you go home and can spend a major part of every Saturday in a comic book shop arguing for DC against Marvel fanboys and party when you feel like it! Awesome, I say!

By the way, have you guys slacked off while programming? I have. My excuse has always been the classic, “Code is compiling” and I am waiting for it to be finished. Although, most of time, it was true. Just wanted to remember that again.

I have to stay out of the way

Alright, I have slacked off too long. Back to some pf testing on OpenBSD-Current with another slacker.

My Friday wear

Just a lame post before crashing. This is my traditional Friday wear (seen here in my old office). Scotty takes precedence when engaging in hardware hacks and Spock it is when coding. It’s a bit too much I know. But I don’t give a damn! I get superpowers, especially when putting the blue one on. Debugging always turns out more efficient 😀 Click on the image for full view.

My Friday Wardrobe

Good night folks and till tomorrow.

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction - Source:

I don’t think I had mentioned this earlier. One of my other Sunday activities is writing Fan Fiction. So far, I have written 11 fan fiction shorts based on characters from DC comics, The X Files, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. A lot of my friends have read them and they were quite happy with them. I was a bit afraid to put it online because I was frightened to see the possibility of people hating it.

I have grown older and I think I can deal with criticism, hate etc., in a mature way. So I have decided to put one of my recent works online next week. I will put the first chapter here next Friday and we will see how it goes from there.

The story is actually a crossover and would unite two of my most favorite story arcs. One originated as a TV series and the other is one of my favorite comic books.

I would be glad if my blog visitors could give the first chapter a go and let me know about your opinions. Another reason why it would help me a lot is because I have been toying with the idea of writing a full blown science fiction novel since six years now. The ground work has been done already, but it still requires a lot of work. If the fan fic gets a good review, it would actually motivate me to step up my efforts with the novel. So far, the running title of the novel is, “The Schwarzwald Singularity