WIRED Mag Special on UFOs


WIRED Mag has a special on UFOs , titled, ‘Out of this World: 60 Years of Flying Saucers’. This would probably figure in the next month issue of the print edition i guess! It coincides with the 60 year anniversary of the Roswell Incident next month! Features snippets from Stanton Friedman, and with Jenny Randles, to name a few. But the general direction of the article seems to be towards an ET visitation viewpoint, which is a diss as far as i am concerned! Well Stanton Friedman is too passionate about the idea of an ET visitation scenario for the last 30 years or so, and so it is not surprising as to why the possibility of UFOs being spacecrafts from other planets is being discussed in detail in the article! But still, it is a great read! I read WIRED regularly, and i can’t wait to lay my hands on the July issue!

Here’s the link to the original article:

WIRED Special: Out of This World: 60 Years of Flying Saucers

British Pilots UFO Sighting

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, described what he thought to be a UFO as ‘a cigar-shaped brilliant white light’. A few more pilots also saw the object and so did a couple of passengers in the plane. The incident occurred sometime this month over the Channel Islands! The object was reported to be at least a mile wide! Obviously the Ministry of Defense in the UK said that it is no big deal and has refused to release info regarding the sighting! On top of that, an official air-miss report on the incident appeared in the Pilot Magazine! Yet the official explanation is – Weather Phenomenon, and don’t ask us any further questions!

It was interesting to note that Keith Olbermann awarded the Ministry of Defense one of the trophies in his regular Worst Person in the World segment for their terrible answers about this incident!

Here’s the link to the original story

Mile Wide UFO Sighting

Here’s the related Olbermann Worst Person in the World Segment:

UFO’s – It has begun


After a painful wait, I have been finally able to get this video. This documentary came out in 1979 and is one of the best in that period. Any doc, which features Jacques Vallee is always a great thing for me. Vallee appears in this documentary and gives his views on the global nature of the UFO phenomenon! It’s presented by Rod Serling, and features some interesting cases in that period!

This is my first google video upload, and I hope folks will like it!

Will embed the vdo, once the upload is complete!



Am a huge fan of The X Files and I still watch at least one episode a day, just to keep my XPhile quotient on top! It just so happened that my interests in the paranormal and The X Files Series converged in 1994 when the series actually made its debut, and ever since Mulder and Scully have become a part of my life! It is probably one of the best made shows ever! I don’t know if I can say I feel the same way with the impact the show had on real paranormal research! People exploited the show shamelessly and mixed the methods shown in the series with their investigations and looking like total loony tunes in the process! But overall it was a great show, period!

Flying Saucers are Real!


Donald Keyhoe

Donald Keyhoe will always be remembered as a no nonsense researcher as far as UFO studies are concerned. Having come from a military background, and a critical eye, he knew that some of the UFO cases could never be explained by conventional wisdom and needed a more open investigation. His pioneering book, Flying Saucers are Real should be read by anyone who is interested in UFOs. Our friends at dailygrail have made this book available for direct download. I am posting the direct download link here as usual.

Please visit their site, u will never be disappointed!

Flying Saucers are Real!

Note: PDF!

Roger Leir Interview


As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, Leir was interviewed at theparacast last Sunday. I was expecting a great interview, since Derrel Sims two weeks earlier had trashed Leir left and right and I thought Leir would address some of Sims’s claims. But it did not happen. The hosts stayed clear of Sims in Leir’s interview. They added in the paracast forum that Leir was against talking about ego clashes in the interview and so they had to forgo it!

Anyway personally I have a lot of issues with both Sims and Leir and so don’t really bother a lot! But compared to the pompous mouth Sims, Leir sounds down to earth. For that I applaud him, though I have major doubts regarding some of his material evidence for the alien implant phenomenon!

Here’s the direct download link for Leir’s Interview!

Leir Paracast Interview

Skinwalker Update


Colm Kelleher & George Knapp

I was terribly busy with work related stuff yesterday, which seriously derailed my attempts to read Hunt for the Skinwalker in its entirety! But I managed to cross 50 pages and so far so good. I have heard a lot about the Gormans’ encounter with the unknown from various radio shows with Kelleher and Knapp as guests, and so I wasn’t really surprised with what I read in the first few chapters. I was fascinated with the chapter about the Skinwalker curse from a Navajo culture point of view and I was really intrigued by it. I have a few native american friends and I would sure like to talk to them about it. Will post more of my views laterz!

Hunt for the Skinwalker


I got my copy of Hunt for the Skinwalker from Amazon just now. Can’t wait to read it. Since i ordered a paperback copy, it tuk nearly three weeks before the thing arrived. It seems like it came all the way from New Zealand. Must be an Amazon partner shop i guess. Will post my views about the book later!