The Paracast Episode December 23, 2007

Dr. Richard Sauder

The penultimate episode of theparacast this year! Haven’t listened to it entirely yet! But the reviews from fellow listeners have been more or less positive! But it seems like there are some open ends in the interview that might be checked out when the guest returns sometime! Dr. Richard Sauder was interviewed and the theme was Black Projects, not just ET reverse engineering (Here we go again!), but also top secret down to earth black projects! Am listening to it rite now! Just right click and download!

Dr. Richard Sauder visits theparacast!

The Paracast Roundtable

Staying on with paranormal radio, here is the December 16th episode of theparacast. This episode was great! It featured a round table discussion with Mac Tonnies, Jeff Ritzmann, and Daniel Brenton! The current state of affairs in paranormal research was discussed in detail and some ideas were discussed to lend credibility to the investigation of paranormal phenomena! It’s a great listen, I promise! Just right click and download!

December 16th Episode of theparacast

The Paracast with Gene and David

Ok this is the December 9th episode of theparacast. No guests were featured, only discussion between Gene and David! This one is pretty interesting, coz as I had mentioned earlier, Gene and David are pretty grounded in facts and so we get to hear a lot of aspects about the UFO phenomenon in general and David also discusses a sighting he had when he was a child in NJ, which he had not discussed earlier! Just right click and download! Works perfect when it’s way past midnight and you are lying in bed thinking about the mysteries of the universe! 😀

December 9th Episode

Imperial Star Destroyer Has Arrived!

Initially I planned to buy the Imperial Destroyer Lego set sometime later, since it was too expensive! But then realized the price ain’t gonna fall any further, and so bought it today! Here’s a picture of the boxed Lego set! It cost me around 120 bucks! But it’s more than worth it! Now I know what I will be doin tomorrow 😀

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LEGO Universe!

I used to build LEGO models when i was young, just like most people! But completely stopped doin it when I turned 10! Interests changed, set my sights on other hobbies, and the models that I built when i was young changed hands and went to my little nephew! Fast forward to nearly 15 years later, I was walkin in Königstrasse yesterday, which is the biggest shopping zone in Stuttgart, Germany, and I passed by Galeria Kaufhof, where they had giant LEGO models on display! Construction sets, Kids stuff, and more. I don’t know something told me that I should check it out! Then I saw larger than life size Darth Vader and R2-D2. That was it, I got hooked again! Since Xmas is coming, and I live far far away from my hometown, I will be basically spending the day at my home here in Stuttgart, so I thought to myself, may be I should build some LEGO models again! To get a feel for the legendary brick again, I started out with the Bionicle Universe! I read the comics sometimes, and so I know a few things or so about the characters! So I bought three guys from the Mahri clan, Toa Nuparu, Toa Hewkii, and Toa Kongu and finished putting them together in half an hour so! I also bought a larger Lava Chamber set to keep myself occupied on this 25th! I am posting a picture of the models rite here! Also planning to buy the Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars a little bit later (it’s too f**kin expensive!)! Though the Lava Chamber ain’t that complex, compared to the Destroyer, it should still be a lot of fun!

Here is the display! The quality of the pic is kinda screwed up! Gotta get myself a better camera! Yes, am a huge Japanime fan too! Especially the SciFi stuff! Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop are my all time favorites! And I love Jägermeister 😀

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My Current Desktop!

It’s been a long time since I had posted anything here, but am planning to post some interesting stuff tomorrow! Anyway for the moment, here’s my current desktop set up! I call it the “GAIAfied Desktop” GAIA was originally a Mac visual style, which was then ported to Windows and then lyrae did the same for Gnome! Check out gaia’s official website for more details on the fantastic work done by a group of artists and the primary motivation behind the project on the first place! My salute to all of ’em! It’s just a pleasant experience to sit in front of your computer and work with this theme! Kicks butt, no doubt!


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Here are the details of the desktop as usual!


Metacity – Gaia4Gnome

Icons – Somatic

Media Player – Banshee (Playing GiTS Stand Alone Complex OST)

Application Font – Segoe, Size 9

Special thanx to all the creative minds behind GAIA! Somatic Icon theme also roxx big time. pokemonjojo2 ported this theme, originally designed by the amazing David Lanham, who did this theme for mac!

Remember remember, the 10th of December!

No it ain’t V for Vendetta, it’s X for X Files Movie 2 aka Done One (that’s how the studio referred to the film in casting breakdowns)! Finally what we XPhiles have been wanting for nearly ten years is finally coming to life on 10th of December when the shooting of the second movie begins in Vancouver. Time to celebrate folks! The fact that they are gonna do it as a stand alone episode style movie, I am kinda really lookin forward to it! Coz, honestly the mythology extension might put a huge a strain on people who simply gave up on X Files by the eight season or so! Since Chris Carter directs it, am sure we are gonna expect some fireworks! Can’t wait until July 25th next year, when the movie comes out!

Rare Robert Bigelow WIRED Interview!

Robert Bigelow

WIRED Mag featured an interview with the super secretive Robert Bigelow, the founder and Chairman of Budget Suites of America about his current efforts in conquering space travel! For paranormal buffs, Bigelow should be a familiar name, since he pumped millions of dollars to lend some credibility to the investigation of the paranormal, by helping found the now defunct National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). Some of the projects carried out by NIDS were extremely commendable, especially the investigation of the 2000 Illinois triangle UFO sightings (NOTE: pdf document!). He was also the same guy who bought the Skinwalker ranch and sponsored the investigation of the strange events at the ranch!

Though he is not actively involved in the sponsoring of paranormal investigations anymore, he still is in constant touch with credible researchers! But what does the crackpot section of the UFO community think of him? Well he is nothin more than a government kook who is doin its bidding! I admit, the guy is extremely secretive, and has a complete security detail following him everywhere he goes, but to simply assume that the guy is an agent simply bothers me! He is currently very serious about his aerospace efforts and his interview with WIRED covers a lot of info about his efforts! He also talks about his views on the UFO phenomenon in the interview, which I have quoted rite here! Read the entire interview online at WIRED!

Bigelow 's grandparents were driving down an empty stretch of blacktop in the desert north of Las Vegas one night in 1947 when they saw the UFO. At first they thought it was an airplane on fire — something glowing in the sky, hurtling toward them. But it was moving much faster than an airplane, and its light filled their windshield, eclipsing the night sky. They thought they were going to die.

Bigelow pauses here in telling me this story, regarding me levelly, his hands clasped on the table. Then, he says, the glowing craft made a right-angled turn and shot off into the sky. "Our aircraft don't make those maneuvers, even today — especially at close range," he notes.

Bigelow first heard this tale when he was 10. He also had an aunt and other people he knew who reported what he calls "very convincing" UFO-sighting experiences. It was these stories that made reaching space his life's work. "I kept it to myself for a long time, not even telling family or friends what I hoped to do," he says. "When you actually get involved in your dreams, that's a more appropriate time to talk about them."

Years before he started building space habitats, Bigelow began looking for the truths he was sure were out there. He says he has met with more than 230 people who claim to have witnessed ETs. In the 1990s, he gave millions of dollars to launch the National Institute for Discovery Science, whose staff — which included several PhDs and ex-FBI agents — researched alien abductions, out-of-body experiences, cattle mutilations, and other paranormal phenomena. In 1997, he donated $3.7million to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to create a Consciousness Studies program, which offered classes about near-death experiences and psychic phenomena. At one point, he even bought a 480-acre ranch in Utah that had been the scene of a number of alleged UFO sightings, animal disappearances, and other spooky weirdness. He wanted to own the land so he could monitor what went on there.

Bigelow stresses that all of this research has been carried out with as much scientific rigor as possible. He says that he has interviewed only carefully chosen subjects — sober-seeming people with jobs in the military or the sciences, or people who had experienced a phenomenon as a group. Wherever possible, he has cross-checked their assertions with those of other witnesses and with "forensic evidence" — samples he obtained of "various kinds of organic or nonorganic substances." He also claims to have been granted access to "very confidential" information from sources he won't disclose. He won't answer directly when I ask whether he has concluded from all of this that ETs have visited our planet. Choosing his words carefully, he says: "I have an enormous amount of data from a lot of different sources that give me some pretty strong convictions about the authenticity of the existence of anomalous phenomena, such as UFOs."

In 2000, one year after he started BA, Bigelow was less cautious with his views. In an essay posted to the NIDS Web site, he wrote: "I strongly believe that at least some UFOs owe their beginnings to being manufactured... from materials made in a microgravity environment." The effects of Earth's gravity, he explained, limit us to the elements and compounds we have here: In space, we might be able to develop all kinds of new substances with unguessable properties. Working in microgravity, Bigelow concluded, is therefore essential for manufacturing interstellar craft. "As for our UFO friends," he wrote, "we will not begin to match their early craft until we also begin to exploit space for manufacturing purposes."

Here is the link to the full interview!

WIRED Mag interviews Robert Bigelow


Ok this ain’t exactly funny, but I just thought it was kinda weird! So I was at kde-look sometime back, and was looking at the wallpapers section. Clicked on a recent Dark Debian WP submission and the ad on the bottom of the page was kinda unrelated! The biatch Paris Hilton showed up! It was right about the same time my boss walked in! :mad Talk about timing! Anyway it’s not over yet! Here are a couple of screenshots with proof!



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