Sticker Conky – GitHub

Morning people. Just wanted to add some information about the remaining files on my GitHub. You must have seen my sticker conky in action on some of my previous screens. The .conkyrc in my dotfiles should take care of that. Please remember, this conky is optimized for a standard Netbook screen (1024×600).

Sticker Conky - Netbook Optimized

If you wanna use it on a bigger resolution, then you should play around with the gap parameters. I use Standard 07_57 Caps font in this one. It is packaged along with my Bridge fluxbox theme from a few posts earlier.

Incognito – Summers Ended

Gilles Peterson - Masterpiece

Let me wind up for the day with another music related post. This is another track from Gilles Peterson’s album, Masterpiece. The track is called, Summers Ended by Incognito. Funky tune and I love it. If you like this kinda music, you should totally check out Gilles Peterson. He is awesome. I bought this album just last week, and have been listening to it endlessly so far. Anyway lets get to the track.

Other Configs

The rest of the config files should be self-explanatory. Some of the config files are simply bare bones, since, I removed all references to several BSD tools that I use. It would be useless if you are on Linux. You could use this minimal config files to improvise (for instance, .cwmrc, .scrotwm.conf etc.)

I believe most of the files are documented. Have fun.

Ascii Art and Issue File

In my account, you would find a directory called, ascii. This has all the prominent ascii art you might have seen in my recent screenshots. From Enterprise to Spock in my latest XMonad screen. I also have my issue file in the root directory. I believe, I got it from Brian Cooper and modified it to suit my needs. Here is the issue in action.

Issue - FreeBSD

I collected the ascii artwork from various sources, namely, asciiart, startrek ascii art official site, and asciifarts. Just changed a few things here and there. So all credit for the art should go to the original authors.

Terminus – Patched

The alternate character patches come with the source code. You can find them inside the alt/ directory when you download the source from sourceforge. But if you are lazy to patch them yourself, then you can just download my archive, since the font I use is already a patched version.

You can see the difference between the character ‘a’ in the following two shots, for example. The first one is the default version and the second is the patched version.


Terminus - Patched

I have uploaded the archive over at omploader. Just follow the link for the patched font.

Terminus Font – Patched

GitHub Organization – Colors

Let me say a few words about how the configs are organized. I will begin with the colors in my .Xdefaults file. As you might have observed, I have different color setups for Xterm, URxvt and Rxvt. I call the XTerm color, Xtrail and is derived from vermaden’s config. Here is a shot of the color profile.

Xtrail Color Config - XTerm

Rxvt colors follow a different palette and I call it a Technicolor Variant. You can see the color profile in the following shot.

Technicolor Variant - RXvt

I have three color configs for URxvt. I am currently using something called Technobass. The colors look like the one in this shot.

Technobass - URxvt

I also have two Technicolor variants in there as well. The following couple of screens should give you an idea. Technicolor I is nothing more than the famous Gentoo color setup. Technicolor II is a marriage between some of my own colors and sirmacik and gigamo’s colors.

Technicolor I - URxvt

Technicolor II - URxvt

Terminus is used globally across all three terms. And as I had mentioned earlier, it is a patched version that uses alternate characters for some letters. I will upload the same in my next post. Anyway, this completes the color definition. You can access my configs here.

Finally! GitHub Updated

I would like to thank the people who wanted to see my GitHub updated. I have finally managed to push most of my configs over to my account. Just click on the image to go to my page. From hereon, every update will make its way to Github automatically.

My GitHub page

I will add more information about what to expect from my configs in my next post.

Gilles Peterson – Masterpiece

How about another music post? I listen to Gilles Peterson a lot as well. He is primarily responsible for popularizing Kyoto Massive Jazz here in Europe. I am linking a track from his latest mix album, Masterpiece. It’s a mix of the classic, Does she have a friend (for me?) by “The Duke”, Gene Chandler. Enjoy listening.

GitHUB Update Tomorrow+Current XMonad Screen

As usual, sorry about the delayed update. I will be finally moving all my configs over to GitHub tomorrow. Got tied up with a very interesting simulation this weekend and some high energy physics. Yes, I am talking about the muon neutrino finding by CERN. I was reading the original paper and one thing led to another and ended up reading four more papers related to baryon and dark matter asymmetry. Fascinating. Felt great getting back to my roots for a while, Theoretical Physics that is.

Anyway, here’s another screenshot, featuring XMonad on my FreeBSD laptop. The configs are absolutely similar to my earlier post. Only change is the wallpaper. Sort of fits the occasion I think. Click on the image for full view.

XMonad on FreeBSD

I am also uploading the wallpaper. I got it from wallbase. Just played around with the hue and saturation settings to suit my needs. I am posting the original and my edit. Click on the images for full view.

Lepton - Original Wallpaper

Lepton - Wallpaper Mod

Please visit tomorrow for my GitHub update.

Busy – Updates this Weekend

Kinda busy this week, hence, couldn’t update my blog. I will do it over the weekend. My Github will be refreshed on Sunday as well. I have so far made copies of all my config files, with all actions related to BSD Unix either commented out or removed. This will make it easier to use my config as it is on any *NIX platform.

In the meantime, how about another screenshot?  It’s from my FreeBSD powered work laptop. I am logged into XMonad for the moment. Using the same config as in my previous XMonad shot. I am using a new color theme here and I am currently thinking about naming it. Cooked up a matching vim theme as well, which you can see when editing a Matlab file. Everything else is pretty standard. The wallpaper is triangles tile from subtlepatterns. Font is Terminus, globally. I am using Terminus with almost every character patch applied. You could see the difference, for example with the character ‘a’. Anyway, here is the screenshot. Click on the image for full view.

XMonad + FreeBSD - Current Setup

 Till this weekend folks.