My configs

Ok, I see some requests here for my configs. My configs are already available over at my dotfiles page for a long time. I should have linked that page here long time ago. anyway here is the link for my dotfiles page. Interested people can find all my relevant configs over there.

My dotfiles Page

The Xdefaults over there corresponds to the previous dwm shot I had posted. It is extremely colorful, and not many people may like it. I change my colors all the time, but I love this color setup and I keep going back for some reason. My zshrc is optimized for FreeBSD, so chances are it might look a little bit strange on Linux boxes. You might have to tweak just a little bit, to get the root login part right on your linux box. But it should be very easy, so I am letting you guys handle it all by yourselves. Also, if you look at my .xinitrc, you might realize I alternate between, dwm, evilwm, fluxbox, larswm, and the good old twm. Mostly it’s been dwm and evilwm. My dwm config.h is also available over there.

As far as fonts go, make sure you have terminus, and artwiz font packages installed, and the relevant fontpaths defined in your xorg.conf, else they might not be rendered properly. But you can always change the fonts, according to your tastes, so you need not use the same font setup that I am accustomed to. If there are any other stuff needed, like fonts, wallpaper etc., just drop a comment, I will make sure to make them available.

Window Managers

I know its been a long time since i posted anything related to paranormal. Sorry about that! Kinda busy with so many things these days, that I didn’t have the time to do that. But I am planning to post some stuff over the weekend. New radio interviews and a couple of brand new videos! So stay tuned!

Now I would like to rant a little bit about Linux again. I have been using a lot of KDE lately, but eversince a couple of days went back to Dynamic Window Manager (dwm). I am using a lot of terminal apps, thanx to a lot of coding, so naturally wanted a completely minimal, unobtrusive environment where I could do everything with the terminal! There is only one class of environment that can provide that kinda flexibility, Tiling Window Managers. I have Awesome, Ion3, dwm, and xmonad installed, but use dwm the most. dwm actually sucks less (no pun intended! :D) Here are some screens of my machine in action. I haven’t configured a lot yet, am planing to do that tonite and compile it again. Will post the modified screens later! As of now, the only way to configure dwm is to modify the config file and compile it again. The latest dmenu, works out of the box though I think! Haven’t checked that yet! Neway here are the screens!

Opera in action

Terminals in action

Current Screenshot!

I know it’s been a while since I had posted some stuff! Kinda busy again! But planning to take this Friday off for some personal reasons! I will post some new stuff then. For the time being here is the screenshot of my new workstation. I got this totally awesome quadcore system for work last Friday and immediately installed Linux and all the important mathematical libraries that I use most of the time! It’s damn fast, and kicks ass! I have been working a lot lately with the terminal, and hence realized that a tiling manager would be the most appropriate to work with on a widescreen monitor. That’s where xmonad comes into the picture! It’s fantastic and makes life so much easier when doing some programming! I instantly fell for it! I had worked with dwm before, but there are some issues with dwm, like absence of multi monitor support, that drove me back to gnome or xfce! But with xmonad, I have found the best tiling manager! I will post a mini guide to setup xmonad in general, and also post my config file this Friday! Here is the screenshot of my desktop!


Click on thumbnail for full size.

Running emacs inside terminal, and cmatrix!