Info and More Linux Related Posts!

As I has mentioned in my previous post, I have activated my old blog and have already started posting stuff about my latest linux exploits. I am currently posting some of my experiences with the totally awesome source based linux distro, Lunar Linux. Its a work in progress and will be completed in a couple of days or so. So have a look at my old blog. In the meantime how about a new xmonad screen? Back to coding a lot rite now, and so Xmonad is the manager of choice! Also got hold of the amazing Pragmata font and the console rendering is perfect. Probably one of the best console fonts ever, period! Here’s a screenshot! Apps running are dzen2 as status bar, and urxvt. Click on the picture for the correct resolution.


Here’s the link to my old blog – Future-Talk

Xmonad for Life!

Another xmonad related post! Have been coding a lot these days and using the terminal most of the times. Xmonad has been extremely useful in that regard that I think it will be very difficult for me to go back to any desktop. I have a couple of computers at home and though I was using dwm and xmonad infrequently over the last few months, now have become a complete xmonad convert. I also find configuring xmonad so painless that I am trying out some new stuff with my old machine at home! But for starters, it would be ideal to have some minimal info displayed on the status bar. As you will see in my scree, there are workspace info, local clock, a world clock (though Tokyo alone is displayed), and weather updates. Will upload my config files tomorrow for sure. Being a console junkie that I am, it is natural that I use mpd to organize my music, and ncmpcpp to serve as a frontend for the same. Calcurse on the other hand serves as a great tool for organizing my appointments and plans. I belong to the school of emacs, and hence that takes care of all my text editing, primarily programming, and tex document processing! If there are some people thinking about moving over to a tiling WM, I think, you folks should check xmonad out! I know there are a lotta stuff out there, like dwm, ratpoison, awesome, etc. but each of ’em has their pros anc cons! I found out that xmonad is my cup of coffee, but its’ likely some of you might have the same feeling about, say awesome and so on. But the bottom line is, try out a tiling WM, and prepare to be amazed. Here is my latest screen by the way!

Apps running: emacs, ncmpcpp, calcurse

Wallpaper – The awesome Soccer Girls wall from DA

Screen 2

Firefox Theme – Dust; KDE3.5.10 – Dustonimo Domino Style, with Dust colors, and OS-K icons. Sidebar is baghira!

Current Screenshot!

I know it’s been a while since I had posted some stuff! Kinda busy again! But planning to take this Friday off for some personal reasons! I will post some new stuff then. For the time being here is the screenshot of my new workstation. I got this totally awesome quadcore system for work last Friday and immediately installed Linux and all the important mathematical libraries that I use most of the time! It’s damn fast, and kicks ass! I have been working a lot lately with the terminal, and hence realized that a tiling manager would be the most appropriate to work with on a widescreen monitor. That’s where xmonad comes into the picture! It’s fantastic and makes life so much easier when doing some programming! I instantly fell for it! I had worked with dwm before, but there are some issues with dwm, like absence of multi monitor support, that drove me back to gnome or xfce! But with xmonad, I have found the best tiling manager! I will post a mini guide to setup xmonad in general, and also post my config file this Friday! Here is the screenshot of my desktop!


Click on thumbnail for full size.

Running emacs inside terminal, and cmatrix!