Song of the Day!

How ’bout another track from Soma FM? I listen to most of their playlists, but during coding, groovesalad, spacestation, and beatblender work the best! Groovesalad features a lot of tracks from Yoshinori Sunahara, the amazing Japanese dude who is widely popular for his funky mixes! Here’s a track from him, titled, ‘Love Beat’! You can also find a lot of his tracks on youtube as well!

Current Screenshot!

It’s been a while I know since my last post! Got my hands on some new interesting UFO related videos! Will post ’em in a few days or so! In the meantime how about a screenshot of my system in action!


Click for full view!

Screenshot Details:

Gtk2 and Metacity – Elegant Mine

Icons – Private, courtesy Fabio @ gnome-look

Wallpaper – Light Room

Terminal Font – Monospace 9

Application Font – Adobe Jenson Pro 10

Desktop Font – Bauhaus

Media Playing – Beat Blender (Playlist File!!) from SomaFM (was in a mood to hear some minimal techno!)

Vallee’s Interview at theparacast!

Another Vallee related post! But this one is by far the best! Gene and David, over at theparacast did the unthinkable and had Vallee as a guest last week! A two hour special with the great UFO researcher! In my opinion this is the best Vallee interview ever, period! When Vallee appeared twice at C2C, George Snoory screwed up the interviews asking him ridiculous, pointless questions! So we never really got to hear his ideas in complete! But Gene and David are two guys who are well versed in UFOlogy and don’t subscribe to a certain belief system except for the fact that there is an overwhelming reality to the phenomenon! And also they are extremely intelligent that makes this interview thoroughly enjoyable! Don’t believe me? Well then have a listen!

I am linking the file rite here, so that you can hear online rite here! I am also posting the direct link for the high quality mp3 file download over at theparacast! Heard from few regular listeners at theparacast about their difficulties in downloading the file from theparacast! So am uploading the mp3 file over at usaupload as well and posting the link here! So here goes!

Direct Download link at theparacast:

Vallee visits theparacast

Download Link at usaupload:

Vallee visits theparacast – usaupload