USAF Visual Aid to Debunking!

I saw this submission on digg sometime back, and I guess it’s rite on the money as far as the USAF‘s strategy to dismiss most of the credible UFO sightings is concerned! No matter what people claim to have seen, the Air Force has only explanation! Here it is! Click on the thumbnail for full size!

Rare Robert Bigelow WIRED Interview!

Robert Bigelow

WIRED Mag featured an interview with the super secretive Robert Bigelow, the founder and Chairman of Budget Suites of America about his current efforts in conquering space travel! For paranormal buffs, Bigelow should be a familiar name, since he pumped millions of dollars to lend some credibility to the investigation of the paranormal, by helping found the now defunct National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). Some of the projects carried out by NIDS were extremely commendable, especially the investigation of the 2000 Illinois triangle UFO sightings (NOTE: pdf document!). He was also the same guy who bought the Skinwalker ranch and sponsored the investigation of the strange events at the ranch!

Though he is not actively involved in the sponsoring of paranormal investigations anymore, he still is in constant touch with credible researchers! But what does the crackpot section of the UFO community think of him? Well he is nothin more than a government kook who is doin its bidding! I admit, the guy is extremely secretive, and has a complete security detail following him everywhere he goes, but to simply assume that the guy is an agent simply bothers me! He is currently very serious about his aerospace efforts and his interview with WIRED covers a lot of info about his efforts! He also talks about his views on the UFO phenomenon in the interview, which I have quoted rite here! Read the entire interview online at WIRED!

Bigelow 's grandparents were driving down an empty stretch of blacktop in the desert north of Las Vegas one night in 1947 when they saw the UFO. At first they thought it was an airplane on fire — something glowing in the sky, hurtling toward them. But it was moving much faster than an airplane, and its light filled their windshield, eclipsing the night sky. They thought they were going to die.

Bigelow pauses here in telling me this story, regarding me levelly, his hands clasped on the table. Then, he says, the glowing craft made a right-angled turn and shot off into the sky. "Our aircraft don't make those maneuvers, even today — especially at close range," he notes.

Bigelow first heard this tale when he was 10. He also had an aunt and other people he knew who reported what he calls "very convincing" UFO-sighting experiences. It was these stories that made reaching space his life's work. "I kept it to myself for a long time, not even telling family or friends what I hoped to do," he says. "When you actually get involved in your dreams, that's a more appropriate time to talk about them."

Years before he started building space habitats, Bigelow began looking for the truths he was sure were out there. He says he has met with more than 230 people who claim to have witnessed ETs. In the 1990s, he gave millions of dollars to launch the National Institute for Discovery Science, whose staff — which included several PhDs and ex-FBI agents — researched alien abductions, out-of-body experiences, cattle mutilations, and other paranormal phenomena. In 1997, he donated $3.7million to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to create a Consciousness Studies program, which offered classes about near-death experiences and psychic phenomena. At one point, he even bought a 480-acre ranch in Utah that had been the scene of a number of alleged UFO sightings, animal disappearances, and other spooky weirdness. He wanted to own the land so he could monitor what went on there.

Bigelow stresses that all of this research has been carried out with as much scientific rigor as possible. He says that he has interviewed only carefully chosen subjects — sober-seeming people with jobs in the military or the sciences, or people who had experienced a phenomenon as a group. Wherever possible, he has cross-checked their assertions with those of other witnesses and with "forensic evidence" — samples he obtained of "various kinds of organic or nonorganic substances." He also claims to have been granted access to "very confidential" information from sources he won't disclose. He won't answer directly when I ask whether he has concluded from all of this that ETs have visited our planet. Choosing his words carefully, he says: "I have an enormous amount of data from a lot of different sources that give me some pretty strong convictions about the authenticity of the existence of anomalous phenomena, such as UFOs."

In 2000, one year after he started BA, Bigelow was less cautious with his views. In an essay posted to the NIDS Web site, he wrote: "I strongly believe that at least some UFOs owe their beginnings to being manufactured... from materials made in a microgravity environment." The effects of Earth's gravity, he explained, limit us to the elements and compounds we have here: In space, we might be able to develop all kinds of new substances with unguessable properties. Working in microgravity, Bigelow concluded, is therefore essential for manufacturing interstellar craft. "As for our UFO friends," he wrote, "we will not begin to match their early craft until we also begin to exploit space for manufacturing purposes."

Here is the link to the full interview!

WIRED Mag interviews Robert Bigelow

Larry King Live – Are UFO’s Real? Nov 10th, 2007

Am guessin most people might be knowin this already! On Nov 10th, Larry King invited a lot of guests to discuss all things UFO. James Fox, Fife Symington, Charles Halt, Jim Pennington, Nick Pope, James “I don’t know jack sh*t about UFO’s” Mcgaha, and Shirley “I live in crazy town” Maclaine. I like James Fox a lot for what he has been doin to lend credibility to the UFO phenomenon. His Out of the Blue documentary is probably one of the best UFO documentaries to have been ever produced. Especially the latest DVD featuring not before seen interview footage was totally awesome! So any endeavor on part of Fox has to be appreciated!

This program was a press opp for Fox and the guests, since they organized a meeting at the National Press Club, titled UFO Close Encounters on November 12th. We will probably hear more about the meeting in the coming few days! Though the wacko Steven Greer organized something similar like this a few years back, this one is much better, simply because Greer is not involved in the event planning whatsoever! Leslie Kean and James Fox organized this together and for that my respects for both of ’em! Leslie is the one who is directly responsible for NASA admitting to reopen its files on the Kecksburg UFO Incident!

I am embedding the UTube vdos rite here for your viewing pleasure! Thanx to the original uploaders! Finally a shout out to Larry King as well! I am no fan of the man, but at least he is not afraid to discuss UFO’s frequently!

Here’s Part 1

James Fox (Filmmaker), Fife Symington (Fmr. Governor of Arizona), Charles Halt (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Jim Pennington (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Nick Pope (Fmr. UFO researcher from the Ministry of Defense, England).

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Overall I have only one complaint! James Mcgaha! This guy is an ass! HE knows nothin about UFO’s and he has never investigated a single case, yet he thinks he is right by just sitting at his home! Pathetic! A model pseudo skeptic!

Jacques Vallee Interview at C2C Sept 17th, 2007

Dr. Jacques Vallee

I don’t have to say a lot about this I guess! Things were kinda shaken up when it was known that the incomparable Dr. Vallee was visiting C2C with Da Noor Man on Sept 17th, 2007! I was taken by surprise and had lots of expectations! But with Da Noor Man, may be I should have kept my expectations low. Vallee was fantastic as always and he discussed his absence, at least publicly from the UFO circuit and also his theories about the reality of the phenomenon itself. He also discussed some of his experiences with the late Dr. Hynek about his role in convincing Dr. Hynek that there was some element of truth to the nature of some ufo sightings.

Vallee also discussed his forthcoming appearance at the International Remote Viewing Association 2007 Remote Viewing Conference on October 20th. He was joined by Paul Smith about the event.

But the sickening thing about this rare event was the clownish behavior of George Noory. He obviously didn’t understand a shit about Vallee’s ideas and his questions were not that good. I am no fan of Art Bell, but I guess Bell would have done a better job, so would have Ian Punnett.

All in all, given the rarity of this interview, it’s still time to celebrate the work of Vallee. I am posting the download link for the interview at usaupload. I am posting Hours 2, 3 and 4. The ass clown Ed Dames was on in the first hour of the program, so it is not included. It is one zip file and upon unzipping you will have three mp3 files. By the way, they are commercial free 😀

Valle at C2C Sept 17th 2007 Download Page