New GTK2.0 Theme!

I know it’s been long since I’ve posted stuff related to the paranormal, but I promise, I will post some new material over the weekend! But for the timebeing, how ’bout another Linux customization related post? I made another theme, Elegant-Dark Green aka Elegant-Matrix, which is another rip off of the hugely popular Elgant-Brit series, and it’s adapted version Dark Brit! This theme will satiate the needs of foks looking for a minimal, fully functional dark theme for the Gnome Desktop. Had been doing simulations last nite, and cudn’t sleep, so decided to relax by workin on ths theme! I uploaded the theme over at gnome-look as well. Will link the appropriate pages and walla and icon choices in my next post! Here are the screenshots of the theme in action!

Screen1: The Widget Factory

Screen 2: Theme in action

Screen 3: Another shot but with low resolution!

Elegant Evi Continued..

Sorry for the delay! Now here are the links for the relevant Elegant Evi files.

GTK2.0@Metacity – Elegant Evi@gnome-look

Icons – Powered Icon Theme by fratrip@DA

Wallpaper 1 – Desktopography

Wallpaper 2 – j3concepts@DA

Wallpaper 3 – Julian Mann@deb-art

Also take some time to go thro some of the finest walls at DA,, and desktopography for starters! You will find some amazing choices in addition to the aforementioned possibilities.

Fonts – Sometimes, the ideal font can make a lotta difference on the aesthetics! I used Aquabase in the previous screenshots, but I recently found out that Futura Condensed makes it much better. If you folks don’t find those fonts, just drop a comment. I will link them rite here as well!

I am back!

Sorry about the lack of updates for a long time! Was busy as usual and didn’t have no time for anything else! But thot of updating today since I’ve got some time on my hands rite now! Gonna begin by posting a screenshot of my current desktop setup! I have a heard  from a lotta ppl that they like the screens I post here. So here’s another one! I uploaded this one over at!

Click on thumbnail for original size

Here are the details of the desktop as usual:

GTK2.0 and Metacity – Dark Brit, an amazing mod of Elegant Mine, by nosebleed@DA

Icons – Powered by fratrip@DA

WP – Sirena Agitata by the one and only j3concepts@DA

Application Font – AvantGarde LT Medium

Terminal – XFCE4-Terminal, without menubar and window borders

Media Player – Banshee, playing groovesalad@somafm

Current Screenshot!

It’s been a while I know since my last post! Got my hands on some new interesting UFO related videos! Will post ’em in a few days or so! In the meantime how about a screenshot of my system in action!


Click for full view!

Screenshot Details:

Gtk2 and Metacity – Elegant Mine

Icons – Private, courtesy Fabio @ gnome-look

Wallpaper – Light Room

Terminal Font – Monospace 9

Application Font – Adobe Jenson Pro 10

Desktop Font – Bauhaus

Media Playing – Beat Blender (Playlist File!!) from SomaFM (was in a mood to hear some minimal techno!)

My Current Desktop!

It’s been a long time since I had posted anything here, but am planning to post some interesting stuff tomorrow! Anyway for the moment, here’s my current desktop set up! I call it the “GAIAfied Desktop” GAIA was originally a Mac visual style, which was then ported to Windows and then lyrae did the same for Gnome! Check out gaia’s official website for more details on the fantastic work done by a group of artists and the primary motivation behind the project on the first place! My salute to all of ’em! It’s just a pleasant experience to sit in front of your computer and work with this theme! Kicks butt, no doubt!


Click on the thumbnail for full size

Here are the details of the desktop as usual!


Metacity – Gaia4Gnome

Icons – Somatic

Media Player – Banshee (Playing GiTS Stand Alone Complex OST)

Application Font – Segoe, Size 9

Special thanx to all the creative minds behind GAIA! Somatic Icon theme also roxx big time. pokemonjojo2 ported this theme, originally designed by the amazing David Lanham, who did this theme for mac!