Paracast – Allen Greenfield & Jeff Ritzmann

T. Allen Greenfield

Allen Greenfield, the author of ‘Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts‘, and ‘Secret Rituals of the Men in Black‘, and frequent paracast visitor, Jeff Ritzmann were interviewed on theparacast last nite! Greenfield had been on the show once before, but I hadn’t listened to it in its entirety. Jeff was heavily involved in debunking that ridiculous Billy Meier case, and ever since he has been one of my favorite commentators on this topic. Last nite’s episode also focused on the many elements of UFO research and was pretty gud! Here is the direct download link anyway!

Allen Greenfield and Jeff Ritzmann visit theparacast


Sorry about the lack of updates folks! Tied up with work! Anyway will update sometime later! In the meantime here’s something funny! This is by far the worst picture to be on the cover of a book. I found this submission on digg and I hadn’t laughed like this for a long time! Cheers to the guy who designed this cover and kudos to the writer who accepted it!

Mysterious Bag of What?

Gargantuan Hole in the Universe

Sorry folks, I was dead tired last nite and couldn’t update my posts on physical evidence UFO cases. I promise, will definitely do it tonite. In the meantime, here’s something mind boggling I just found.

Just an Illustration – Statistical Freak of Nature

Seems like researchers at the University of Minnesota have found a gigantic hole in the universe. The hole is nearly a billion years across and is devoid of any observable matter. The intriguing thing is that there is no sign of dark matter in this one. And it is not a black hole either! This is the first time that a hole of this magnitude has ever been found in the universe. These findings prove that there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about the universe. Of late, it started with the discovery of dark matter, then the even more intriguing dark energy, and now this hole! Read the whole story right here.

Huge Hole Found in the Universe

A Brief History of Time Documentary

I have a small break from work rite now and thought about posting some new stuff! I will continue the physical evidence posts tonite after i go home. But rite now I thought of embedding the documentary, ‘A Brief History of Time‘, here. I am sure most of you people would know about Stephen Hawking‘s book of the same title. I read this book when i was 15 and I was completely hooked. Ended up reading it more than thrice. Every time I read it, it was magical. For a reasonable understanding of the Universe, and how things came to be, this is the book to start with. But for people who haven’t yet read the book, I would at least suggest to see this documentary.

Case No.5 – Väddö Island, Sweden 1956


This is a good one folks, since the material is still under the possession of Dr. Peter Sturrock. It reportedly came from two witnesses of an aerial phenomenon, one of whom is deceased. Although the material appears to be tungsten carbide, the original shape of the object was unusual and no conventional use for such an object has ever been found.

von Ludwiger compiled this case and what follows is his exact description of the chain of events. Two witnesses, Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjöberg were building a house on the island of Väddö, about 90 km NNW of Stockholm on November 11th, 1956. At about 10 p.m. Ekberg was driving his Ford V8 pickup when they saw a bright flying object with the shape of flattened sphere 8 m. wide and 3 m. high approaching from the right (from the east) against the clear night sky. They estimated that it flew about 1 km in front of them at an altitude of 100 meters. Suddenly it made a sharp turn towards them, at which time the truck engine sputtered and died and the headlights went out. The object started a slowly gliding down. It seemed to rock back and forth until it came to a stop in the middle of the road, about 100m in front of them, one meter above the ground. It was illuminating the surrounding landscape with such a tremendous amount of light that even a barn, half a kilometer away, was visible as if the sun was shining. The air smelled like ozone and smoldering insulation.

After about 10 minutes the light of the object intensified, it lifted off the ground, moved to the left and up, made a sudden turn and accelerated away in the direction from which it came. At that point Ekberg was able to restart the truck normally, and the headlights came back on. Observing that the grass at the landing site had been flattened, they investigated further and found a shiny rock that was hot to the touch. It was a three-sided piece of metal about the size of a matchbox, and had a heavy weight.

The material from the incident

After several unsuccessful attempts to have the sample studied, it was taken to the SAAB airline manufacturing company where Mr. Sven Schalin conducted a thorough analysis. Other tests were later run in laboratories in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The general conclusion was that the object was composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt, consistent with manufactured products. According to von Ludwiger, all industrial countries have companies which produce such hard metals, and the manufacturing technology is in principle the same. The overall quality of the material was outstanding, but not unusual for the early 1950s.

This case was categorized under CE-2, which stands for Close Encounter with Physical Effects!

Case No.4 – Campinas, Brazil 1954

This case was also studied first by journalist Frank Edwards. He reported that numerous witnesses in Campinas observed three disk-shaped objects flying over the city on December 14th, 1954. Suddenly, one of the disks started wobbling and lost altitude. The other two disks followed the wobbling UFO and it stabilized at an altitude of 300 ft. At this point the unstable disk emitted a thin stream of silvery liquid which was reported to splatter over roofs, streets, sidewalks, and even clothes left outside to dry. An analysis of the samples by an unnamed Brazilian Government Lab identified that tin was the main component of the collected samples. This was also confirmed by a private chemist, Dr. Risvaldo Maffei, who also reported that around 10% of the samples contained other substances than tin, but precise estimates were not given.

This case was also categorized under MA-2 by Vallee.

Case No.3 – Washington DC 1952

Alrite, back to the main topic! The following are the details regarding the third physical evidence case reported by Vallee. Frank Edwards, a journalist reported that a metallic fragment coming from an object that fell in 1952 was examined a few years later by a Canadian researcher, Mr. Wilbert Smith. It was claimed that the fragment had been sawed off from the recovered sample, and thereby represented only one third of its volume. It was also reported that the object was over one inch in size and remarkably hard, and consisted of a matrix of magnesium orthosilicate composed of 15 microns sized particles. In an interview with two independent researchers, Smith said that a Navy pilot had been chasing a UFO when he saw a bright scintillating fragment disintegrate and fall down, leading to its recovery an hour later. The total weight of the fragment was estimated to be around 250 grams. Smith also said that he had showed the material to a certain Admiral Knowles.

Vallee adds that unfortunately there is not independent review on the analysis of the material available in literature and also that the sample is not available for further study!

The case also falls under the MA-2 category. The date of the exact event is also not available.

Tutankhamun strikes again!

I am home rite now and am in the process of updating my Physical Evidence posts. But this news item from Reuters’ Oddly Enough caught my attention. Just thought about linking it rite here!

A German has handed a package containing part of a Pharaonic carving to Egypt’s embassy in Berlin, with a note saying that the ‘curse of the Pharaohs’ killed his stepfather for stealing it on a trip to Egypt in 2004. Seems like his stepfather upon arriving back to Germany suffered paralysis, nausea, fever, and ultimately cancer before breathing his last! The man felt obliged to return it to rectify the mistake done by his stepfather so that his soul can rest in peace!

I was very interested in Egyptology when i was in my school, and read a lot about the New Kingdom, but never followed the whole curse thing! It is a known fact that Lord Carnarvon, who financed the Tutankhamun expedition died shortly after his tomb was discovered. But that might be only a coincidence! I don’t believe in curses in general!

Anyway here’s the link from Reuters.

Paging Mr. Indiana Jones