Best chapter in a book… ever!

A short interjection. Ben Bartlett (@bencbartlett) posted this over in twitter. Has to be the best chapter in a book. Short and to the fucking point! Absolutely. And very true as well. Ha ha.


Shortest chapter in a book!

By the way, this is from a real book by Joseph Conlon, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Oxford no less. It’s called, Why String Theory?

Guilty Pleasure

I am sure everyone has some type of guilty pleasure. For me of late, it has been visiting the Huffington Post. Sometimes, the political commentary over there is pretty engaging. I am careful about interpreting them though, since it is obvious that they slant towards the left. Same holds for Fox News. It would be ridiculous for anyone to expect a meaningful commentary on a political subject on Fox.

The front page of Huffington Post borders along the weird sometimes. You will have a serious headline on one side, but immediately adjacent to it you would have a totally ridiculous item. For instance, just a few minutes back, I found this news item on their front page. Click on the image for full view.

Miley Cyrus Braless – Seriously?

Now, if you are like me and click on the news item just to see what the hell they are talking about, don’t worry you will be met with another wonderful title description. Click on the image for full view.

Ray Bans FTW! WTF?

This ain’t the first time I have seen something like this though. Also, check out the tags on the news entry above, hilarious! πŸ˜€

WTF? Stupid Lawmaker Edition

So, it seems like the SOPA madness will linger on for a while. That’s a good thing, but news media, as usual put their own spin on the topic. Why don’t these news media morons just report the news rather than analyzing them without having a freaking clue about the bill?Β  Absolute BS. But, news media has been in steady decline over the last few years, and with morons like Grandpa Murdoch and others in charge, it was bound to happen.

What pained me the most in this matter was the so called lawmakers, who happen to be proponents of this bill and have no fucking idea about how internet works in the first place. As usual, it was nice to see Jon Stewart cut through the bull and present it in a way so that people can see these bone headed senators and representatives for what they truly are. And what’s with all the nerd reference you goofballs?

It would be nice if Texas votes this King Idiot out, although, I doubt it. Anyway click on Captain Awful’s picture to get to the video at The Daily Show.

I am an idiot

Staying on the topic of voting, with this being election season in the US and all, I would vote for the guy below anytime! πŸ˜€

Let's put a smile on that face!


It’e been a while since I had posted stuff related to WTF! Here’s something interesting I found on the internets! It’s of an IT consulting company here in Germany which goes by the name Web Task Force! But still WTF? Come on! The best part though is the email address!! Priceless!

USAF Visual Aid to Debunking!

I saw this submission on digg sometime back, and I guess it’s rite on the money as far as the USAF‘s strategy to dismiss most of the credible UFO sightings is concerned! No matter what people claim to have seen, the Air Force has only explanation! Here it is! Click on the thumbnail for full size!


Ok this ain’t exactly funny, but I just thought it was kinda weird! So I was at kde-look sometime back, and was looking at the wallpapers section. Clicked on a recent Dark Debian WP submission and the ad on the bottom of the page was kinda unrelated! The biatch Paris Hilton showed up! It was right about the same time my boss walked in! :mad Talk about timing! Anyway it’s not over yet! Here are a couple of screenshots with proof!



Click on thumbnails for full size

WTF of the Day!

I will post UFO related stuff tomorrow. For the time being, here’s the WTF entry of the day! I was in Milan, Italy for a conference last month, and i asked a friend of mine to take this picture at a subway station in Milan city center. What you see here are the directions to use a coke vending machine. The English translation is absolutely hilarious! πŸ˜€ Trust me, German is not that good either!

More JC Madness!

Heard from a couple of people about the previous JC post! So thought of posting another one of JC before callin it a nite! This is actually a C2C promo featuring JC’s call with a guest! Works well with that background music! Have a listen!

Note: I don’t promote any of JC’s views about anything! I just find him ridiculously funny!


Today’s WTF entry is kinda different! It has to do with the famous JC, from C2C with Art Bell. C2C’s open lines attract a lot of lunatics sometimes, especially when a very credible guest is online, you always get the morons on the air who ask ridiculous questions. But occasionally it also provides great entertainment! JC is one such caller! He has managed to get on air frequently and he was also a guest once where he stayed for a lil over 15 minutes! The clip I am streaming here is by far the funniest JC clip I have ever heard! His take on sex and reproduction is fantastic! πŸ˜€ He rants about Christian this and that crap, and attacks Star Trek as being pornographic and Bill Shatner being a Canadian operative! He also faults Chris Carter of The X Files for filming in Canada! The sex comment comes a tad bit later in the audio! He says that sex is a punishment from the Lord and continues with something that made me laugh like hell! Listen carefully between 03.35 and 03.45.

Warning: Don’t drink anything while listening, you might have to clean your monitor laterΒ 


Here’s the WTF entry for the day! Found this submission in digg, and I am wondering why I didn’t pay a visit to the Dutch Traffic Department Office when I was in The Netherlands. I remember seeing one such office close to Schipol Airport.

Dutch Driving Test

I don’t mind staying behind the bike forever!