Larry King Live – Are UFO’s Real? Nov 10th, 2007

Am guessin most people might be knowin this already! On Nov 10th, Larry King invited a lot of guests to discuss all things UFO. James Fox, Fife Symington, Charles Halt, Jim Pennington, Nick Pope, James “I don’t know jack sh*t about UFO’s” Mcgaha, and Shirley “I live in crazy town” Maclaine. I like James Fox a lot for what he has been doin to lend credibility to the UFO phenomenon. His Out of the Blue documentary is probably one of the best UFO documentaries to have been ever produced. Especially the latest DVD featuring not before seen interview footage was totally awesome! So any endeavor on part of Fox has to be appreciated!

This program was a press opp for Fox and the guests, since they organized a meeting at the National Press Club, titled UFO Close Encounters on November 12th. We will probably hear more about the meeting in the coming few days! Though the wacko Steven Greer organized something similar like this a few years back, this one is much better, simply because Greer is not involved in the event planning whatsoever! Leslie Kean and James Fox organized this together and for that my respects for both of ’em! Leslie is the one who is directly responsible for NASA admitting to reopen its files on the Kecksburg UFO Incident!

I am embedding the UTube vdos rite here for your viewing pleasure! Thanx to the original uploaders! Finally a shout out to Larry King as well! I am no fan of the man, but at least he is not afraid to discuss UFO’s frequently!

Here’s Part 1

James Fox (Filmmaker), Fife Symington (Fmr. Governor of Arizona), Charles Halt (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Jim Pennington (Rendelsham Forest Incident Witness), Nick Pope (Fmr. UFO researcher from the Ministry of Defense, England).

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Overall I have only one complaint! James Mcgaha! This guy is an ass! HE knows nothin about UFO’s and he has never investigated a single case, yet he thinks he is right by just sitting at his home! Pathetic! A model pseudo skeptic!

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