Jacques Vallee Interview at C2C Sept 17th, 2007

Dr. Jacques Vallee

I don’t have to say a lot about this I guess! Things were kinda shaken up when it was known that the incomparable Dr. Vallee was visiting C2C with Da Noor Man on Sept 17th, 2007! I was taken by surprise and had lots of expectations! But with Da Noor Man, may be I should have kept my expectations low. Vallee was fantastic as always and he discussed his absence, at least publicly from the UFO circuit and also his theories about the reality of the phenomenon itself. He also discussed some of his experiences with the late Dr. Hynek about his role in convincing Dr. Hynek that there was some element of truth to the nature of some ufo sightings.

Vallee also discussed his forthcoming appearance at the International Remote Viewing Association 2007 Remote Viewing Conference on October 20th. He was joined by Paul Smith about the event.

But the sickening thing about this rare event was the clownish behavior of George Noory. He obviously didn’t understand a shit about Vallee’s ideas and his questions were not that good. I am no fan of Art Bell, but I guess Bell would have done a better job, so would have Ian Punnett.

All in all, given the rarity of this interview, it’s still time to celebrate the work of Vallee. I am posting the download link for the interview at usaupload. I am posting Hours 2, 3 and 4. The ass clown Ed Dames was on in the first hour of the program, so it is not included. It is one zip file and upon unzipping you will have three mp3 files. By the way, they are commercial free 😀

Valle at C2C Sept 17th 2007 Download Page

2 comments on “Jacques Vallee Interview at C2C Sept 17th, 2007

  1. Hi. I loved finding an mp3 file with a Jacques Vallee interview. Good job! His books are hard to find in Mexico, where I’m from. By the way, do you know of any site were I could find transcriptions of his books, or large articles or text?

  2. sorry for the late response Rober! was kinda tied up with work! ur rite about the rarity of finding Vallee’s materials on the web! Some of his books are available online but at a very high price! i do have some of his books with me, but to buy his entire collection will still be difficult because they come with a heavy price tag. I will definitely post some of his material when i come across one for sure! good to know that u found my blog useful!

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