GUI Interface in Visual Basic – CSI Stupidity

This is very old, I know. But, I had to post it here. I am a fan of the original CSI. It used to have some of the best writing on television. It used to be very efficient as far as the scientific facts are concerned. But, of late, the show has suffered. Don’t even get me started on the various spin-offs. They are the worst. I think that the folks in charge of writing have unfortunately concluded that they have to resort to tortuous plotlines and backgrounds to make the show interesting. As a consequence, scientific terminology and tech related buzzwords get thrown around that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The following scene is an example of that.

Where do you even start with a dialogue like that? I am sure most computer hackers burst out in laughter on seeing this scene. I spit coffee when I heard that for the first time a few years ago. User saxon3049 from freebsd forums summarized the situation aptly as follows:

most CSI shows that always get the vital clue from the reflection of the killers face in the dog turd on Saturn taken with the Hubble telescope that happened to be passing overhead.

Lol! By the way, let’s not even go to 24! That series was a goldmine for tech related comedy.

Talking about FreeBSD, how about this, courtesy of lme@, a FreeBSD developer. It’s full of awesomeness!

Beastie Cookies – From lme@

By the way, I am almost done with the next part of Prometheus analysis. It will be up shortly..