Song of the Day!

How ’bout another track from Soma FM? I listen to most of their playlists, but during coding, groovesalad, spacestation, and beatblender work the best! Groovesalad features a lot of tracks from Yoshinori Sunahara, the amazing Japanese dude who is widely popular for his funky mixes! Here’s a track from him, titled, ‘Love Beat’! You can also find a lot of his tracks on youtube as well!

Current Screenshot!

It’s been a while I know since my last post! Got my hands on some new interesting UFO related videos! Will post ’em in a few days or so! In the meantime how about a screenshot of my system in action!


Click for full view!

Screenshot Details:

Gtk2 and Metacity – Elegant Mine

Icons – Private, courtesy Fabio @ gnome-look

Wallpaper – Light Room

Terminal Font – Monospace 9

Application Font – Adobe Jenson Pro 10

Desktop Font – Bauhaus

Media Playing – Beat Blender (Playlist File!!) from SomaFM (was in a mood to hear some minimal techno!)