To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!

Am a huge fan of Star Trek, and it’s pretty obvious I guess, given the general theme of this blog! Anyway I found an amazing Map of the Star Trek universe over at geekstir, and I thought I should promptly post the picture rite here! Geekstir is one awesome site you folks oughtta check out! Anyway here’s the map! It’s a big file. So be patient!

Click on the picture for a glorious view!

Remember remember, the 10th of December!

No it ain’t V for Vendetta, it’s X for X Files Movie 2 aka Done One (that’s how the studio referred to the film in casting breakdowns)! Finally what we XPhiles have been wanting for nearly ten years is finally coming to life on 10th of December when the shooting of the second movie begins in Vancouver. Time to celebrate folks! The fact that they are gonna do it as a stand alone episode style movie, I am kinda really lookin forward to it! Coz, honestly the mythology extension might put a huge a strain on people who simply gave up on X Files by the eight season or so! Since Chris Carter directs it, am sure we are gonna expect some fireworks! Can’t wait until July 25th next year, when the movie comes out!