LEGO Universe!

I used to build LEGO models when i was young, just like most people! But completely stopped doin it when I turned 10! Interests changed, set my sights on other hobbies, and the models that I built when i was young changed hands and went to my little nephew! Fast forward to nearly 15 years later, I was walkin in Königstrasse yesterday, which is the biggest shopping zone in Stuttgart, Germany, and I passed by Galeria Kaufhof, where they had giant LEGO models on display! Construction sets, Kids stuff, and more. I don’t know something told me that I should check it out! Then I saw larger than life size Darth Vader and R2-D2. That was it, I got hooked again! Since Xmas is coming, and I live far far away from my hometown, I will be basically spending the day at my home here in Stuttgart, so I thought to myself, may be I should build some LEGO models again! To get a feel for the legendary brick again, I started out with the Bionicle Universe! I read the comics sometimes, and so I know a few things or so about the characters! So I bought three guys from the Mahri clan, Toa Nuparu, Toa Hewkii, and Toa Kongu and finished putting them together in half an hour so! I also bought a larger Lava Chamber set to keep myself occupied on this 25th! I am posting a picture of the models rite here! Also planning to buy the Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars a little bit later (it’s too f**kin expensive!)! Though the Lava Chamber ain’t that complex, compared to the Destroyer, it should still be a lot of fun!

Here is the display! The quality of the pic is kinda screwed up! Gotta get myself a better camera! Yes, am a huge Japanime fan too! Especially the SciFi stuff! Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop are my all time favorites! And I love Jägermeister 😀

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