More CNN Lunacy!

Th following segment was aired in Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN a couple of days back. I like AC in general, because he is a serious journalist compared to most of the hacks that are in news these days, like the dumb ass woman in the last vdo! He got James Fox back on alrite, and Fox was talkin about the NPC event and then it turns out that Fox was brought on to debate the fat ass clown James Mcgaha! This guy is a text book example for how a skeptic is not supposed to be! He has no curiosity whatsoever and he claims that all people who claim to see UFO’s are hallucinating and he is the best authority in explaining UFO cases! Load of BS! I am gonna post a few edited vdos of this dumbo in the next few days, where he explains away most of the credible UFO sightings as just nothin more than stars, light house flash, re entering satellites, flares, blah blah blah! What perplexes me the most is that he has never investigated a single case first hand, and yet he thinks he knows better! Don’t they teach objectivity in those skeptic meetings? What an ass!