EEE Pc Screenshot

As promised, here is the EEE screenshot. The lunar update did take a while. Since I started the update and left to meet a friend, I couldn’t configure the kernel when it was built. So I had to recompile the kernel, when the updates had finished. I use the framebuffer quite frequently, so I recompiled with framebuffer support, so that took a little longer. Anyway this is how my setup looks like ony my EEE. Window manager is dwm5.5 and the wallpaper is self made. Of late I have been blown away by Haruna Yabuki, and I am still in a fan boy mode. It will probably stay that way for sometime. This picture of hers is one of my favorite pictures. So that necessitated the need to make a quick wallpaper. Also I am no artist, so this wallpaper is a very amateurish attempt, so please don’t mind. Anyway here is the screen. Click for full view.


New Screenshot – EvilWM+Lunar Linux

As I had mentioned in some of my previous posts, customizing my setup is a stress buster for me. Since I am in a phase where I am finishing up my Dissertation and doing some final simulations, stress is an inescapable factor. Customizing is one way I try to relax, although most might think, it’s weird. During weekends, its mostly building lego models, reading paranormal literature, and playing around with LFS on my EEE, that relieves my stress. Anyway, as you might have noticed, I alternate between dwm, and evilwm all the time. Started playing around with my .Xdefaults a bit, and ended up with something not so colorful and completely unobtrusive. I am sure I will stick with this setup for a long time. I am posting a couple of screenshots of this setup on my Lenovo3000N200 laptop, running evilwm as the window manager. As always, I run Lunar Linux on this laptop, and I built the system totally according to my needs, and the response of the system is blazing fast. Sayaka Isoyama and Haruna Yabuki are featured in the wallpapers. Please comment on the screenshots. As usual, if there are any requests, like wallpaper, configs, let me know. I will post them as usual. Click on the picture for full size.