I am back!

Sorry about the lack of updates for a long time! Was busy as usual and didn’t have no time for anything else! But thot of updating today since I’ve got some time on my hands rite now! Gonna begin by posting a screenshot of my current desktop setup! I have a heard  from a lotta ppl that they like the screens I post here. So here’s another one! I uploaded this one over at art.gnome.org!

Click on thumbnail for original size

Here are the details of the desktop as usual:

GTK2.0 and Metacity – Dark Brit, an amazing mod of Elegant Mine, by nosebleed@DA

Icons – Powered by fratrip@DA

WP – Sirena Agitata by the one and only j3concepts@DA

Application Font – AvantGarde LT Medium

Terminal – XFCE4-Terminal, without menubar and window borders

Media Player – Banshee, playing groovesalad@somafm