Google Search – DragonFly BSD

I just had a look at my stats page and I see that a few people come here searching for DragonFly BSD and TWM. I believe, I mentioned briefly about TWM before. Anyway, let me add a bit more. I still use DragonFly BSD on one of my rigs at home. Hammer is pretty awesome. I don’t have any other WM running on that box. It’s just good old TWM. I even had DragonFly BSD running successfully on my EEE 1000H sometime back. It was solid, wireless performance was a bit troubling though, but I had a minor hack to automatically reattach if the driver gave up. I had this screenshot from my EEE over at devart and I am posting it right here again. If you need something to be resurrected, like my old configs, etc., do comment. TWM is pretty easy to configure and with vdesk, virtual desktops are child’s play. Anyway, click on the image for full view.

TWM on DragonFly BSD powered EEE 1000H

I will push this twm theme to my github tonight. If anything else is required, please let me know.