My .bashrc

I have been getting requests for my .bashrc for sometime i see. so here it is! I have a lot of things configured which i presume might interest none. So I am gonna post my export features for the different color codes I use in my bash. All u need is to copy the text and paste it in ur .bashrc which shud reside in /home/your-username/ So here is the code:

export BLACK=’\[33[30m\]’
export GREY=’\[33[1;30m\]’
export RED=’\[33[1;31m\]’
export GREEN=’\[33[1;32m\]’
export YELLOW=’\[33[1;33m\]’
export BLUE=’\[33[1;34m\]’
export MAGENTA=’\[33[1;35m\]’
export CYAN=’\[33[1;36m\]’
export WHITE=’\[33[1;37m\]’
export PS1=”$GREEN\u$CYAN on$YELLOW \h$GREY | $WHITE\d $RED\t$GREY | $MAGENTA\w$GREY |\n$GREEN $ $CYAN-> ”
export PS2=”$CYAN ‘>'”
export PS3=”$CYAN ‘>>'”
export PS4=”$CYAN ‘>>>'”

Don’t hesitate to ask me if there are any questions!

Here’s an example as to how it luks! Click on the thumbnail for the picture!

Effin Busy and KDE!

I have been workin my ass off for almost a month now, henc didn’t have the time to post anything meaningful! Sorry ’bout that! Anyway just a filler before I disappear for the next few days. As you folks might be aware, KDE4.1 was released a week ago or so and I promptly installed it on my system and I must say I am pretty impressed! There have been a lotta controversies with regards to KDE4 release in general, but I guess for someone who is a little bit more knowledgeable than the average folk in Linux matters, the case against KDE4 is a non issue! Posting a screenshot rite now of my KDE4.1 desktop in action! More details about the setup in my next post, which will be over the weekend!