Gilles Peterson – Masterpiece

How about another music post? I listen to Gilles Peterson a lot as well. He is primarily responsible for popularizing Kyoto Massive Jazz here in Europe. I am linking a track from his latest mix album, Masterpiece. It’s a mix of the classic, Does she have a friend (for me?) by “The Duke”, Gene Chandler. Enjoy listening.

G.O.L Sensations of Tone – Revived

I am gonna start off by reviving one of my earlier posts. I see there have been quite a few requests for this album during my absence. So interested people just let me know with your comments. I will send you the download link.

Edit: I will upload it tonight and post the link right here.

Today’s Music Fix – Moments in Love – G.O.L – Sensations of Tone


I listened to this track on Groovesalad yesterday, and it was pretty smooth. Got hold of the album after a long search last night. Too bad G.O.L disbanded after their only album Sensations of Tone was released. This track is very smooth and worked great on me when I was working late night, testing some new shell scripts.

I am linking the track right here for you hearing pleasure. Let me know how you folks like the track.

It’s a very rare album, but if someone needs it, all you need to do is let me know with your comments. Happy listening.