Ghost in the Shell – Arise

Ghost in the Shell - Arise

Ghost in the Shell – Arise

Sorry guys, I had to post this information before publishing my Prometheus – What the Future holds post. This is too good not to post immediately. You guys would know how much praise I have showered on one of the greatest anime of all time – Ghost in the Shell. The original movie from Mamoru Oshii is still on the very top of my favorite movies list of all time. Then came Innocence, another spellbinding film. I also loved both Stand Alone Complexes and of course, Solid State Society. After a long break, Production I. G., is coming out with the project Ghost in the Shell – Arise. Apart from Masamune Shirow, the project involves Ubukata Tow as the primary script writer and Kise Kazuchika as the director. CORNELIUS will be in charge of the music production. They haven’t revealed more information at this moment. But, a press conference will be held at the nicofarre in Roppongi on 12th of February, 6.00 PM JST. The format of the anime and a teaser will be revealed at the press conference, followed by a talk show by its staff members and guests. The best part is, the press conference will be broadcast live on the official site.

Ghost in the Shell - Arise

Ghost in the Shell – Arise: Major Motoko Kusanagi

This is absolutely fantastic news. I missed the Major and Section 9 for too long. Can’t wait for Arise. Follow the link for the website and bookmark it. I have and I also know what my agenda is for Feb 12th, 6.00 PM JST. I was feeling a bit unmotivated today, but this news has certainly been the kick I needed to be productive.

Ghost in the Shell – Arise: Website

Now, back to Prometheus!

Justice League: Doom

JLA: Doom

If you haven’t seen Justice League: Doom, then head to your local video store and grab a copy. Get home, make some nice dinner (spicy works best!), a big pot of coffee and some fine self rolled Pall Mall cigarettes and watch the film. It is a high quality production with a great story to boot. It is based on the story arc that we saw on The Tower of Babel (another one of my prized possessions). If you haven’t read that comic book series, then you should.

I am not gonna post a review of the film. The wiki article that I linked earlier would more than suffice. But all I wanted to say is, it was 01 hour 16 minutes and 52 seconds of absolute fun. Besides, who wouldn’t wanna hear Kevin Conroy’s Batman. Speaking of Batman, he is the central theme in the movie.  No wonder why it is my absolute favorite.

The animation is excellent. A large group of Japanese animators have worked on the movie and it shows in the end product. This should me a must have DVD if you are a Bats fan and JLA fan.

A monumental scene from the film:

Power of the Bats