Omploader Death & New Blog Design

Omploader - Down!

Omploader – Down!

Hi guys, sorry about having disappeared for a while. Had to deal with a few personal tragedies and work related stuff kept me occupied. Anyway, I am aware that the beloved Omploader is dead. But I always had a hope that it would come back. It has happened a few times with Omploader. Sadly, I think this time it is for real 😦 I wanted to quickly mention this here because I had a few files hosted on Omploader –  some Fluxbox themes, XfCE4 themes and some configs. If you guys encounter a 404, do drop a comment here. I will re-host the files elsewhere.

Also, just wanted to mention a bit about my blog’s new design. I was getting a bit bored with my itunes 2 theme. It is one of my favorite themes and who knows, I may revert back to it in a few days. I currently dig the BonPress theme and like it’s very clean interface. I particularly like how the theme renders on my old Xperia E C1505 phone.

BonPress Theme on Xperia E C1505

BonPress Theme on Xperia E C1505

If the viewing experience is not that good with this theme please let me know. I would revert back to itunes theme.

10 comments on “Omploader Death & New Blog Design

    • Hi bl4ze,
      Unfortunately there are issues with my publisher and the main heavyweights behind the scene. As of now there is no end in sight. Both of the are sticking to their guns and I am unfortunately caught in the middle. Of course, I will post right here when the book. Thanks for your visit man

    • Hey David, thanks man. Had been blogging of course. Just Prometheus stuff over the last year or so. But, recently I was told that my blog, especially UNIX BSD related posts have helped a lot of people and out of the blue a company contacted me if I would be interested to talk to them about a future role at the company.

      That’s why I decided to restart blogging. So, back to some tech related stuff soon. Hope you are doing fine as well brother.

  1. hey there!
    regarding the theme it looks nice on both my laptop and my phone, so no complains there 😛
    on the other hand Is kinda sad to hear that omploader has finally kicked the can, I remember using it for sharing screenshots back in the day…
    btw, nice to see you blogging again 😉

    • Roberto! Thanks man. How have you been doing over the last few months bro. Yeah, I was thinking about a theme that would scale well on the mobile platform as well. Glad that you have no navigation issues on both platforms. Sad really what happened with Omploader. They had to rely on only donations to keep the site running. But the immense traffic the website got would be a humongous thing to be covered only by donations. So, let me just say that it was something that I had anticipated. It was a great host. No frills attached and most importantly no ads. There is no host that would come even remotely closer with Omploader.

      Thanks man. Yes, decided to blog more since I am getting a lot of visits these days and even potential employers come here expressing interest in my portfolio.

  2. Am i the only one who loves the previous theme? Whatever, Its nice to see you here again.
    I have yet to read your phrometeus analysis, especially after watching the film.

  3. It would be nice to see some new screenshots. (You know, there should really be a nice, OS agnostic site for posting and commenting on screenshots. The Crunchbang, Arch, and Ubuntu screenshot threads come close but it feels weird to post non-Linux screenshots there.)

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