Prometheus Conclusions will be out tomorrow folks. But, I just wanna briefly mention one thing today. I have mentioned the fact that I am from the south of India, from Madras actually. Growing up in my city, I have seen my share of morons when it comes to teasing women. But, people always spoke up when they witness something like that. It is shameful that the crime against women has reached mortified levels in our capital, Delhi. It is not just the rape capital of India, but the entire world. All the lawmakers should hang their heads in shame for not protecting one of our own. Delhi police has become the worst. And those morons who raped this girl, need to be lined up and should be dealt with capital punishment. Start with cutting each part of their body before shooting those assholes in the temple at last.

I am sorry for using such language. I am completely down after hearing that the brave girl had died. Today, although it pains me the most, I would like to say this – I am completely ashamed to be an Indian. I just hope the laws are made stricter and morons who rape are dealt with capital punishments!

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