Prometheus Analysis – Links



There are two posts pending to complete my Prometheus analysis series. The first has to do with the things that I touched upon in the last eleven parts of the article and I would like to elaborate on them. The second has to do with my views as to how the plot might develop leading directly to the Alien territory. Here, I would like to simply summarize the links to all Prometheus related articles for easy access.

1. Prometheus Analysis – Motivation

2. Prometheus Analysis – Revisiting the Plot

3. Prometheus Analysis Part I –  The Title

4. Prometheus Analysis – The Beginning

5. Prometheus Analysis Part III – Origin of Life

6. Prometheus Origins Incongruity – Resolution

7. Prometheus Analysis Part IV – LV 223 & LV 426

8. Prometheus Analysis Part V – Exploration on LV 223

9. Prometheus Blu-ray Release

10. Prometheus Analysis Part VI A – Black Goo: The X Files Excitation

11. Prometheus Analysis Part VI B – Black Goo: What could it be?

12. Prometheus Analysis Part VII A – The Mural

13. Prometheus Analysis Part VII B – The Mural

14. Prometheus Analysis Part VIII – Act 3

15. Prometheus Analysis Part IX – Act 4

16. Prometheus Analysis Part X – Act 5

17. Prometheus Analysis Part XI – Final Act

You can click on the above links to access each part of the article. As mentioned earlier, let us move on to our final conclusions part.

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