My Top Five – Visual Post

Prometheus Part V comes up in the next post. For the moment, just thought of talking about something related. These are my top five SciFi/Action ladies of all time. Of course there are many such tough babes, but these five are simply the best when it comes to kick asses.

5. Fox & Salt – Wanted & Salt

Fox – Screenrant

Salt – Fanpop

4. The Bride – Kill Bill Series

The Bride – Popcrunch

3. Trinity – The Matrix Trilogy

Trinity –

2. Sarah Connor – The Terminator Series

Sarah Connor – Nerd Bastards

1. Ellen Ripley – Alien Quadrilogy

Ellen Ripley


2 comments on “My Top Five – Visual Post

  1. Hi, At first, apologize for my english, I hope to be understandable. In the last week I have been keeping track of you from awesome wm archlinux’s topic to this blog through devian art meanwhile. I am a true fan of your desktops customizing, and you has been a big influence in my awesome desktop running in Arch. I have been for a while reading this blog (its dificult to keep reading the whole blog day after day because there are neither marks nor archive scheduled by years or months, and there are so many entries to scrolldown. but i enjoyed so much reading it) , for all this, I noticed you switched to BSD, and Im curious about this OS and others from BSD family. Nothing else for now, i’ll appreciate any correction made to my comment as i’m learning, cheers.

    • Hey Nacho, Thanks for your visit mate. I think the current design template makes it a single page blog. I will investigate other designs. You could use the search feature to find posts of your choice as well. Coming to BSD, yes, I am a total BSD slut. I presume you might have also read my post about BSD UNIX in general. Time permitting, I will talk more about this theme. Again, thanks for your visit.

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