Prometheus Analysis – Revisiting the Plot

Let us revisit the plot of the film as a starting point before going into its finer details.

The titular spaceship Prometheus

A spaceship leaves a giant being behind on a planet, who then consumes a black substance, upon which he disintegrates and the biological material mixes with water and starts a biogenetic reaction. In 2089, a couple of anthropologists find a few cave diagrams belonging to different civilizations and times on earth that are completely disconnected from each other. There could have been no way that they could have contacted each other. The oldest such cave diagram is from 35,000 years ago in Scotland. But there is a common theme in all the diagrams – that of a giant being pointing towards a star system in the sky. They appear on all the diagrams and the orientation of the star system is always the same. The anthropologists conclude that it is some type of invitation from the giant beings and that they had a role in human evolution on our planet. They call these giant beings, Engineers. This information excites Peter Weyland, the chief of Weyland Industries. He puts together a team of researchers and finances a mission to study the anthropologists’ viewpoint. They seem to have located a star system that corresponds to the exact configuration in the archaelogical finds. The system corresponds to a ringed giant gas planet that is revolving around a star. The planet has three moons and in the diagrams, the Engineer seems to be pointing towards one of the moons, LV223.

Weyland’s spaceship, Prometheus reaches this moon and they start exploring a hollow structure. Underground, they find a host of crazy things. They find a decapitated Engineer’s body and a room full of stone vases with some type of black tar like substance, which starts to react upon atmospheric change brought on by the presence of the explorers in the facility. Except for two explorers, the rest of the crew are ordered back to the ship due to an incoming storm. They retreat with the decapitated head of the engineer. The android, David, unbeknownst to everyone, brings back one of the vases back to the ship. He taints the drink of one of the anthropologists, Charlie, with the black substance. Charlie, infected by the black goo ends up having sex with Elisabeth, the other anthropologist, thereby affecting her. Elisabeth had previously found a match between the engineer’s DNA and human DNA, confirming her theory that engineers engineered us. In the meantime, the leaking black liquid mutates worm like creatures in the underground facility. One of the mutated organisms kills a lost explorer and its acid blood fries the other’s helmet and upon direct contact with the black substance, causes a mutation.

Space Jockey

The second exploration, the following day is interrupted by Charlie becoming sick. He starts mutating and the boss of Prometheus forbids him from entering the ship and as per his request, she kills him. David, on the other hand, has found a part of the facility where he finds one Engineer, alive on stasis. Upon returning to Prometheus, Elisabeth is told that she is pregnant with an alien creature. She performs an operation using the automated surgery pod and removes the creature. She later comes to know the Peter Weyland is also on the ship and he intends to meet the engineer who is alive to find a way to extend his lifetime.

Sacrificial Engineer

They make their way back to the ship and David leads them to the engineer. They discover that cargo is full of vases with the black substance they had discovered earlier. David tells Elisabeth that the ship was intended to leave for earth. He wakes up the engineer, who gets super pissed, decapitates David, kills Weyland and the others, except Elisabeth. She manages to escape. He restarts the ship and starts his journey to earth. Elisabeth, with the knowledge of what the engineer intends to do with the cargo in earth, begs the captain of Prometheus to stop the ship from leaving under any cost. The captain and his officers crash Prometheus with the engineer’s ship bringing it down and killing themselves in the process.

Facehugger subdues the Engineer

Elisabeth goes to the ejected personal pod of the chief of Prometheus, Vickers, which also hosts the automated surgery facility that she used to perform her operation and discovers that the alien creature that she removed from her womb has grown to a gigantic size. David warns her that the engineer was not dead and he was coming for her. After a brief struggle with the engineer, she unleashes the giant squid like thing (facehugger) on the engineer. The facehugger subdues him. David then informs Elisabeth that there are other ships in the planet and he knows how to fly them. She picks up the head of David and his torso and tells him that she wants to go to the engineers’ planet to learn why they wanted to destroy humans. Finally, we see a spaceship leaving the moon. In the mean time, a substantially large, proto-xenomorph (Deacon) bursts out of the engineer’s body.

In the next post, I will be looking at every aspect of the film in detail.

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