Psychoanalysis of The Joker – On Hold!

Moment of Madness – The Killing Joke

Due to the tragic developments in Aurora, Colorado, I have decided to delay publishing my thesis, “Psychoanalysis of The Joker”, by a few days. As of now, I have been closely following the James Holmes story and it doesn’t look good. You might have already read reports that he claimed that he was The Joker to the police. A lot of news outlets are running with this story, but so far, I am not sure if Aurora PD has confirmed it.

As usual, the media is going overboard and it is only a matter of time, before they start blaming Batman, comic books, video games, movies, in that order for this tragedy. True, one can be influenced by a lot of things, but, one delusional man’s actions can never be used as a point of gross generalization. But, you know how it works in the news media. They will have airheads on their programs who will start the blame game and badmouth just about anything or anyone, from the dark overtones in The Dark Knight saga to people like Frank Miller. It’s no wonder why many Batman related pages on Wikipedia are currently locked.

I think we should remember that this is such a huge tragedy and wish for the well-being of everyone affected by this heinous act of violence and pray for the lives lost.

Tragedy such as last night’s is not predictable. Also, long-term mental illness does not sound like a logical cause for it. From what I have read so far, it is clear that there was meticulous planning leading to the massacre. Dropping out of UCD a month earlier, rigging his home with explosives and ammunition, it seems to me that James Holmes is someone, who is very much in charge of his own faculties. It suggests that he was willing to go the distance in waging a bloody battle to the very end. I may be dead wrong, but, let us wait before a complete picture of him emerges.

In conclusion, given the current circumstances, I am delaying publishing the article. I am not talking about an indefinite hold or a delay by a month or so. It would be just a few days. But, I will do something else. I wrote a lengthy article on Bane last night and I will put it here in a two-three part post over the weekend.

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