Higgs Boson

What an awesome way to begin an otherwise mundane Wednesday! Discoveries like these give you the greatest motivation when you badly need it. ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN have indicated the presence of a new particle, whose mass falls in the region of 126 GeV. Although data from 2012 is still not completely analyzed, it is fantastic to learn that the final word will come out by the end of July. CERN is very good in keeping up with its promises, so let the celebrations begin early. To confirm the presence of Higgs Boson would be a great boost for Theoretical Physics. More proof that if it is done right, things will automatically fall in its place. Being a Theoretical Physics fanatic myself, you can understand my excitement on this matter. I woke up early in the morning, waiting for the webcast and subsequent press release.

For more, head to CERN’s main page by clicking on the following link.

Higgs within reach!

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