Psychoanalysis of The Joker – What to expect

So, my psychoanalysis article is almost complete, except for a few edits here and there. I will be putting it online this Saturday. So, keep watching this space. But before I do that, I would like to give a glimpse of what one could expect from the thesis.

You see, there are plenty of articles available online about The Joker. In my thesis, you can expect strong elements of modern psychiatry and psychoanalysis – Freudian, Jungian, you name it. My analysis is also partially influenced by Deleuze and Guattari’s  work and the The Matrix Trilogy. Wait, Why you ask? Just because I can. I just managed to find parallels between a character in The Matrix and The Joker that I thought I should address. So, you should expect the unexpected.

The thesis is divided into the following sections:

1. Motivation: A little bit about why I decided to write such an article and what it means to me personally.

2. Introduction: Introducing the character of The Joker as it was intended in the 40’s and how the character has evolved over time to a dark, psychologically richer version of current day.

3. Origins: The most important part of my thesis. A strong building is dependent on its foundation. Likewise, the key to understanding The Joker is analyzing his formative years and his transformation. This section is mostly derived from The Killing Joke.

4. First Encounter with Bats: I spent quite a while trying to understand this part. You see, the first encounter basically established The Joker for what he is. After this first encounter, Batman knew that if The Joker were to strike again, it will be his utmost priority to stop him. The Man Who Laughs and Lovers and Madmen inspired this section.

5. Arkham Asylum: I had a lot of fun analyzing The Joker’s time at the asylum. The kind of tricks he pulled to get out and how he manages to manipulate officials and even parole officers into doing his bidding.

6. Relationship with other Villains: The Joker’s relationship with Two-Face is well known and has been explored in different titles. So is his relationship with The Penguin. Analyzing these relationships gives us a viewpoint of The Joker that is absolutely stunning in my opinion. Hence, this is a very important aspect of my thesis.

7. Comparisons: This is the section where I compare The Joker with several figures, including The Matrix connection.

8. Conclusions: A long section devoted to my final words on The Joker. I address questions like, Can he ever be cured? Does he really want to be cured? Can he exist without Batman? and many many more.

Hopefully, I have been able to trigger your interest in my thesis. Please wait until this Saturday. I will definitely put it up then. 

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