The Joker Psychoanalysis – More Sources

Yes, I promised to post my psychoanalysis of The Joker. But I am actually doing it like a thesis, which means, pictorial representation, flow charts, etc. That’s why it is taking a while. In the meantime, how about a showcase of some more comics that form the basis for my psychoanalysis?

The Joker Collection – Part II

The series, It’s Joker Time (1,2, and 3) details The Joker’s foray into Prime time Television Programming. I haven’t read the comic book yet.

The Killing Joke is the quintessential Joker origin story. It is one of the most critically acclaimed comic books ever. You cannot be a Batman and Joker fan, if you haven’t read this book. On a side note, I got the comic book and action figure collectibles of The Joker and Bats for a bargain price.

Batman Impostors deals with a story arc, where, The Joker instigates mass insanity by recruiting general citizens of Gotham to carry out his billing and inciting riots. But the band of Jokers result in the sudden appearance of “Guardian Bats”, who resort to permanent means to bring the crime rate down. Such an insane situation is one of the greatest challenges that Batman has ever faced. But the key to stopping it relies on his efforts to uncover the identity of the Bat impostors.

In the Switch, The Joker goes international. He is done in by a joke, courtesy of a mysterious person. He dons the mantle of a detective, but in his effort to uncover the truth, he is hell bent on destroying the city of London. Will the Batman save the city? This is the premise.

In The King of Comedy, The Joker kidnaps people most randomly. Although it is difficult to connect the kidnappings, Batman finally figures out that all those kidnapped were big sharks in the Comedy Club, where The Joker tried his comedic talents for the very first time, with scathing reviews from those kidnapped. So, it is payback time. In addition, there is an interconnected story running in parallel. In Tears of a Clown, The Joker is successful in terminating all of them he has kidnapped and finally escapes the Batman, as usual. This two part series is an important piece in my psychoanalysis, since, it sheds more light on the pre-Joker character.

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